The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Finale and After the Final Rose Quick Recap


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I like you a lot. Good enough for me. Let’s make out. And so ends Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Who got kicked off: And who Juan Pablo kinda-sorta-maybe-by-accident-non-noncommittally chose.

Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_finaleThe Non-Proposal:

Juan Pabs: Nikki will you accept my final rose? I’m not 100% sure I want to propose to you. I have the ring – this huge giant rock – in my pocket, but psyche! I’m not gonna give it to you. But I like you a lot (not love). I like you a lot.

Nikki: Yup, good enough for me.

I paraphrase, but that’s pretty much the highlights. Juan Pablo told Nikki he had the ring, but wasn’t ready to propose to her. He told her he liked her a lot. And that’s about it. Then he asked if she would accept the last rose. She said yes.

The proposal speech 

I love your honesty, because you’re like me.

I can see you as a good stepmom with Camilla.

It’s been a perfect time every time I’m with you.

Clare’s Rejection:

Clare: “What you just made me go through I would never want my children having a father like you.” That’s a bit of a low blow there, Clare, don’t you think?

After Clare stormed out, Juan Pabs’ reaction was, “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.” Juan Pabs, those are thoughts we keep to ourselves. America is not gonna be super happy to hear that.

Tweets from the night: Super shoutout to @the_hunt_club and @ChrisMFHarrison for their colorful and amusing Twitter commentary last night.
Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.21.20 PM Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.33.16 PM
After the Final Rose
Man, the studio audience was ready to slay Juan Pablo. Daggers and death rays beamed from their eyes. Clare chose not to confront Juan Pablo and had a solo interview with Chris Harrison, saying she said everything she needed to say after Juan Pabs let her go.
Are Nikki and Juan Pablo still together?
Apparently, they’re going strong. Nikki’s told him she loves him and Juan Pablo would not put it in those terms, despite Chris Harrison’s continuous prodding.
Sean from last season of The Bachelor was not all too pleased with Juan Pablo. And he let it be known. The show had previous Bachelor contestants sit in the studio audience for the finale, and provide their commentary throughout the show.
Who is the next bachelorette?
Andi the Attorney is returning to the bachelor for round 2! After leaving the show following the fantasy suite dates, Andi is stepping back into the ring to find true love. I think this is going to be a good one, because she is articulate, strong-headed, and all gung-ho to get started.
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The Bachelor Juan Pablo: Tuesday Recap As Told By A Sassy Friend


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As you can tell by my absent stream of posts, I missed the Tuesday episode last week and haven’t had the chance to catch up. Thankfully, I had a witty, devoted (likely because her office pool is taking on The Bachelor bracket world), sarcastic friend who was kind enough to catch me up. And I have to say her recap hit the nail on the head and was too good not to post. So with her permission, I’m stealing her commentary and re-posting our conversation below for your judge-joyment. With that I turn over my first guest post to the charm and sass of Sara Morgan.
Who got kicked off: But not really kicked off. On this week’s bonus episode it was more like who decided to peace out. The second lady of the season (Sharleen was the first) to voluntarily leave was Andi the Attorney

Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week8bHighlights as told by a G-Chat Conversation

A few lols, dudes, and likes were omitted for your reading pleasure and to somewhat protect the reputation and credibility of both parties.
EK: Did you watch The Bachelor last night?
SM: Dude, YES.
Good for Andi!
You go girl!
I mean he told her about Clare’s overnight??? WHO DOES THAT?
EK: Gah! What?! I missed it!!
I was so sad. I got home and it was over!!
SM: Nothing really interesting happened.
EK: I read an article in US Weekly at the grocery store that basically said just that.
They didn’t say which girl, but I assumed it was Andi.
Dude! Why were the other girls crying?
Tell me everything!
SM: The other girls didn’t cry, you know how the bachelor likes to edit scenes to make them look more dramatic lol
EK: Ohhh
SM: But the thing with Andi
EK: Really?!
[Long, agonizing pause where all you can see are the ellipses indicating typing is happening, thoughts are rolling.]
EK: Dude.
What happened?!
SM: She literally woke up the next morning saying, “I couldn’t wait to leave the Fantasy Suite. That was the worst experience. All he did was talk about himself the whole night. He didn’t ask me anything about myself. He mentioned he had an overnight with Clare. I mean I’m not stupid, but you don’t have to tell me about it when I didn’t ask! He told me that I barely made the cut here and he was almost gonna save Renee!”
EK: Whaaat!!
No way.
This has never happened before! Usually the girls are even more enamored after the Fantasy Suite!
EK: Totally.
Did she sleep with him?
SM: She said anytime she tried to talk about something important to her he’d say, “It’s okay, besitos.”
EK: Ha that’s all he wanted to do.
SM: I dunno, I mean if she was that pissed off the whole night I find it hard to believe she would.
EK: Yeah, true.
Did she confront him?
EK: Why would you stay? Why wouldn’t she storm out?
SM: So then
That’s what he said. He was like, if she was that bothered she should’ve told me at the time and left.
I dunno maybe she needed to simmer on it.
She was like, “I know for SURE he’s not who I’m gonna marry and that I’m not in love with him.”
EK: He said she should have left?
SM: Yeah, that if she felt that strongly she should’ve brought it up sooner rather than wait.
You know how the girls record videos for him before the rose ceremony?
EK: Haha yeah
SM: So in Andi’s video, she was like, “I had a lot of thoughts after the Fantasy Suite, and I’d rather not tell you over a video so I’m going to talk to you in person,” and Nikki and Clare’s videos were all, “I had an amazing time, I’m so glad I got to spend time with you blah blah.”
So she meets up with him.
And just lays it all on him.
And he kept saying “It’s okay, it’s okay if you’re not feeling it there’s nothing I can do.”
And she was like, “Stop effing saying it’s okay!”
EK: Haha I was hoping she would ream him on the video.
SM: She was like, “When you say it’s okay, it sounds like you don’t care.”
EK: Go Andi.
SM: And she said, “You told me that I was here by default!” And he was like I did not say default I don’t even know that word.”
EK: Hahaha Oy.
SM: And she was like you told me about Clare’s overnight! Who does that?
EK: Seriously, what the heck.
SM: And he was like “I was just being honest” and she’s like “There’s a difference between being honest and being an asshole.”
Oh man.
It was epic.
EK: Hahaha
That’s amazing!!
SM: I knowww
This NEVER happens!
She’s the only genuine one!
EK: I heard Andi is the next bachelorette.
I was so hoping that.
I like her.
EK: Yeah, same.
You would. She’s sarcastic and sassy.
Like someone else I know.
SM: lol
EK: Then what?!
SM: THEN they argued for a while – like 5 whole minutes on “I did not say default,” “You said default,” “I did not say default. I don’t even know that word,” “Why would I make that up, you totally said default.”
EK: Haha
That’s amazing.
Then did she just leave?
SM: And then they spent another 5 whole minutes on “Stop saying it’s okay dammit,” “But it IS okay,” “No it’s not okay! Feel something!” I’m feeling like it’s okay,” “Show some emotion! Stop saying it’s okay!”
Then she left.
And she was like I’m still 100% sure with my decision.
EK: Whoa.
He was totally just there to have fun.
This whole time I’ve felt like that.
Like what has he been doing?
Oh that’s right — making out, dancing, making out, not talking.
It’s fun and games.
SM: Oh yeah, that’s another thing she accused him of. “You keep saying it’s okay and it makes me feel like you’re not taking it seriously”
Yeah, I don’t like him anymore.
At first I was like okay he’s fine.
But he’s gotten annoying.
I feel like he’s really not feelin’ anyone.
On his Bachelor blog he said, “I was so surprised when Nikki said I love you that I kept silent because I didn’t wanna tell her I’m not there yet.”
EK: Oof, that is rough.
SM: Right?! It’s like, how are you supposed to propose to one of these girls in a week if you’re not in love with them? Or at least one of them?
EK: Chris Harrison said he didn’t think Juan Pabs was opening himself up to the process.
Yeah, seriously.
I feel like he just wants to sleep with them.
Like that’s how I felt he felt about Clare from day one.
All he talks about is how sexy she is.
SM: That he just wants to sleep with her?
He keeps saying she’s so hot in her bikini.
EK: Not like oh yeah I really like this girl and her interests..
SM: lol
EK: No, I like her body.
SM: Great one liner from last night
“I really feel like Nikki would be a great partner. She’s honest, pretty and sexy.”
“Oh, and she cares about people.”
EK: Seriously, he said that?
SM: Haha yeah
EK: Lol So Women Tell All next week?
SM: Yup
EK: You just made my day.
SM: Happy to give you the highlights.
You didn’t miss much else.
Just Nikki and Clare being in love blah blah

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Week 8: Hometowns!


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Part one of this week’s two-day Bachelor event is complete. This week was hometowns! And bonus, tomorrow is a two-hour special (8|7 c) of what is about to go wrong with the fantasy suite dates.

Who got kicked off: Single mom Renee was sent home this week after hometown dates.


Obviously, Juan Pablo picked these four ladies for the alliteration value alone that they provide. This is just all too convenient.

Negative Nurse Nikki

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

The pair went on a cowboy-esque date, meaning they ate BBQ and rode a mechanical bull. Then Juan Pabs got to meet the fam. Nikki’s family was super friendly and open, and Nikki told her fam she was falling in love with him.

Andi the Attorney from Atlanta

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Andi took him to an indoor gun range. Turns out Andi’s a pretty good shot. Juan Pabs not so much. Although, he does have Andi beat in the dancing department. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but dancing requires movement. Andi is not good at dancing, like legitimately not great, as evidenced by the dancing they tried to show Andi’s parents after dinner.

Fun Fact: Andi’s parents met and 6 months later got engaged, then 6 months after that were married. They’ve been married for 30 years.

Andi’s dad to Juan Pablo after Juan Pabs asked for his blessing “if” he chose Andi: “The person who is going to marry my daughter is going to come to me and say there is no other person in the world for me.” Go dad! Juan Pablo didn’t seem too affected by it.

Renee the Real Estate Agent

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Juan Pablo met her son Ben and watched him play his little league baseball game. Renee told her family that she was in love with him, but didn’t have a chance to tell that to Juan Pablo. Probably for the best.

Clare from Cali

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Clare has a big family of ladies. She is the youngest of 6 sisters, and as you’ll remember her dad passed away, because that’s all she talks about. Dinner went  well, in that Juan Pablo handled himself among all of the ladies. Granted, these past few weeks have probably helped prepare him.

Fantasy Suite dates are next!! And we don’t have to wait a whole week. They’re traveling to St. Lucia and sh*ts about to go down. An article in US Weekly wouldn’t reveal which lady, but reported one of the final three ladies slept with Juan Pablo, and all he could talk about was the other ladies’ dates and himself. The preview of the episode shows everyone in tears. And Chris Harrison reported on PEOPLE Magazine there were some “ugly cries” and a “rockier road to the final episode” than in seasons past. Chris Harrison also hinted that at this point it’s usually the bachelor trying to figure out who best fits in their lifestyle, which implies this ending might not be how Juan Pabs pictured it.

Chris Harrison: “I think he has a tough time letting go, really opening up and giving himself to this process. Yes, it is a television show, and we are creating something entertaining, but it works. You have to believe. Juan Pablo has had a really tough time with that and the women have felt that.”

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Week 7


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Tears. Lots of tears. Happy tears, good-bye tears, so-many-emotions tears, I-need-another-cocktail tears. The group found themselves in Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami this week.

Who got kicked off: The one’s with red X’s were sent home. Sharleen left on her own accord before the rose ceremony. Chelsie was sent home at the ceremony and surprisingly chipper about it. She rambled on about how great he was, then, boom, in the limo, instant waterworks. That leaves Andi the Attorney, Nikki the Nurse (aka Negative Nikki), Renee the single mommy, and Clare the hairdresser who everyone loves to hate for hometown dates next week.Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week7

One-on-One: The first one to receive the date card, and straight from Juan Pablo himself was Sharleen. They spent the day cuddling and kissing on a yacht.

Quote of the Night: “It makes feel happy which is something I don’t allow myself to feel very often.” Well, that’s depressing. We need to find you more happiness in your life, Sharleen.

Conversation on the yacht:

JP: How do you feel about me meeting your family?

Sharleen: I think it could work. (Lots of hesitancy and awkwardness.)

JP: Your smile is really pretty.

One-on-One: Nikki received a date card. Her initial reaction: I’m not gonna have to dance again am I? Oh, Negative Nikki, aren’t you a treat. Lucky for you, Nikki, no, you don’t have to dance again. Instead you get to watch Juan Pablo’s daughter perform at her recital. And bonus! Meet the fam and ex-wife. And double-bonus! Juan Pabs’ ex is a smokin’ hot actress (see below).

After the recital, Juan Pabs took Nikki to his office, Marlins Park, where they played catch on the field in Nikki’s white, barely there, backless, bra-less ensemble. Here, let me throw you a grounder. At the ballpark, Nikki addressed the Carla situation, asking how she fits in this situation? Basically, Juan Pablo said Carla was cool with it and they just want the best for each other.

Sharleen’s Departure: Sharleen broke it to the girls that she was going home. Outwardly, all of the ladies gave her aw’s and sad eyes. Inwardly, they were all like heck yes! Another one bites the dust.

There was a good portion of the show dedicated to Sharleen going back and forth on if she was making the right decision. Basically, it boiled down to the fact she was attracted to him physically but not intellectually.

Cute Quote of the Day: “You caught my attention because you’re different in a good way. The only thing that pisses me off is that I didn’t make you sing enough for me.” – Juan Pablo to Sharleen after she tells him she has to leave.

In the interview with the producers after Sharleen left, Juan Pablo was crying and said something about rather being not appreciated and honest than not honest and appreciated…confused? Yep, so was the rest of America. I’m not sure what he said, but I’m gonna interpret anyway.

My completely invalidated interpretation: Juan Pabs would rather get his heart broken and have them be honest with him than to have someone stick around and not actually like him.

Group Date: Clare, Renee, Chelsie, and Andi flew to a private island with the bachelor. Then the group date turned into a one-on-one after Juan Pablo handed out the rose to lucky lady Andi. Clare was pissed as per usz.

Clare vs Nikki: The argument lasted 5 minutes too long. I got lost on why they were bickering in the first place. Basically, neither likes each other and they’re stuck in this hotel room together with nothing to do but get annoyed.

Photo Credit: Palomera de la ree producciones

Photo Credit: Palomera de la ree producciones

Juan Pablo’s Ex-Wife: Umm, hi, say hello to Juan Pablo’s ex-wife: Carla Rodriguez, actress and total hot mama. And according to Wetpaint and her Twitter account, @Carla_Andreina, this ex-wife is pretty active in her daughter’s life; so whoever wins Juan Pablo’s heart will be seeing a lot of this beaut.



Next week is a two night extravaganza. The Bachelor will air Monday and Tuesday night of next week (February 24th and 25th | 8-10 P.M.). Apparently lots of drama is about to ensue for an ending we didn’t see coming.


The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Week 6


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The group traveled to New Zealand this week! This is going to be a super quick post, because there wasn’t a whole lotta talking this episode. I swear half of the show was taken up by Juan Pabs’ make-out sessions with each of the girls.

Who Got Kicked Off: The ones with red X’s were given a one-way ticket home. Cassandra, one of the single mommies, was sent home early on the group date (sad sidenote: It was also her 22nd birthday that night. Happy birthday?), and Kat, our star dancer and brief KPOP celeb, was sent a’packin’, oddly enough leaving Sharleen in tears.

Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week6Sharleen got the rose on the group date. She also way geeked out that they were having drinks at Hobbington (the set of Lord of the Rings, for all you non-geeksters). When in New Zealand.

The group date consisted of coordinated outfits (I swear the girls planned it because they were all wearing colored leather jackets – throwback to the boys of Des’ season. A house that lives together, styles together. See if you can spot a familiar face.), sheep, and OGO balls, which if you don’t know what those are and didn’t watch last night, I’m including a link so you can take in the full glory of them. They are giant balls (Yes, Twitter had a field day with that last night.) that are filled with water and are pushed down a ski slope. Oh, and you sit in them.

List of things Juan Pablo enjoys:

Dates in bathing suits. Dancing. Making out. Caves.

One-On-One: Andi The Attorney got the first one-on-one in New Zealand. They went on a boat and wiggled their way through tiny crevices in, of course, a cave. After winding their way in cold water, they stumbled upon a waterfall and had a make out session.

One-On-One: The other one-on-one belonged to Clare. As you’ll remember Clare had the first one-on-one of the whole show, so this would be her second. Apparently, they needed to talk some stuff out about their 4 A.M. swim soirée. Turns out everything is all hunky-dory.

Quote of the Night: Juany-Pabs to Clare - “I’m still figuring out my boundaries.” Oh really? How’s that working out for you? Dude. You’re on The Bachelor. Of course you’re going to make out with a ton of women. That’s cool. You do you. But don’t say you have all these boundaries when you don’t. That’s sweet that you wanna be cognizant of your daughter. Just don’t let her watch the show ’til she’s ready and you’re ready. Or never.

Next Week: The final 6 head to Juan Pablo’s hometown of Miami, next week. Finally, some tensions run high as the blondes, Nikki and Clare, get a little heated with each other. And Sharleen questions if she should be there. It looks like she might be out the door.

How are those Bachelor brackets coming along, Bachelor Fans? I know people have office pools going on.

Sean and Catherine’s Wedding – Grown Sexy (Please Don’t Make That A Thing, Internet.)


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Credit: Sean Lowe's Instagram

Credit: Sean’s Instagram

It was elegant and gorgeous, and when the rose petals spouted from miniature cannons behind the couple as they made their way down the aisle as man and wife, yes I got a little teary. But first, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we. Grown Sexy. WTF is grown sexy? Good thing they have the captions to clarify, because I thought it was GROAN sexy, which could have been way more uncomfortable slash amazing. I mean what am I supposed to think when they’re describing it while overlaying it with footage of the couple lingerie shopping. Maybe clarify with grown UP sexy? Maybe don’t call it grown/groan/moan. We get it you haven’t had sex in a year. Don’t need to emphasize it.

Grown Sexy, for those not in the know, is a grown up wedding with hints of sex – or just Catherine’s way of describing what she imagines her wedding to be like. (Good gawd please do not become a thing. Internet, please do not let Grown Sexy become a thing. I beg of you.)

Catherine has a lot of interesting ways of describing things. I’ve always said her and Sean were a quirky bunch.

Exhibit A: Taking boudoir pics for Sean: “I’m like a butterfly I just want to open up for him.”

Exhibit B: Wedding vows: “I’m like a bug looking for a light. You were like a light to my bug. I had to find you.” …and something about “love sprinkles.”

Exhibit C: Sit down with Chris Harrison: “I call myself his barnacle because I’m always attached to him.”

So she likes her insects and sea-faring animals.

In all seriousness, the wedding was sweet and adorable and you could see the love that they clearly had/have for each other (as further evidenced by these almost identical Instagram pics from each of their accounts). See booming rose petals. Awesome.

Credit: Catherine's Instagram

Credit: Catherine’s Instagram

Credit: Sean Lowe's Instagram

Credit Sean Lowe’s Instagram

The wedding was filmed live, so leading up to the vows, ABC had a dual screen, showing wedding guests arriving and Catherine getting ready in a small screen to the right, while they showed all of the wedding preparations and Sean and Catherine’s love story. That’s where we met the wedding planner and learned of Catherine’s Grown Sexy plans for her wedding. Sorry Grown Sexy AND whimsical. Because those go hand-in-hand. Duh. (Although, I will concede that the wedding ceremony decor was completely gorgeous.)

Aside from Grown Sexy, another WTF moment brought to you by the “Honeymoon Suite Cam.” Yes, that’s right, ABC set up a camera of the honeymoon suite for the couple, showing the staff prepping the room with fresh sheets and chocolate, and just no. Nope, that’s not OK. Nobody needs to see that. Also, how do Sean and Catherine know that ABC took those cameras out of the room after it was all prepped and ready to go? I would not trust them.

Bonus uncomfortable footage: Sean lingerie shopping. The sales associate made him touch the lingerie to see how he liked it. His face turned scarlet. I also don’t need to know what Catherine is going to be wearing (or not wearing…ba du bum!) on her honeymoon night.

There was a huge emphasis (as expected) on the fact that Catherine and Sean are waiting until marriage. So Sean goes loungerie shopping, Catherine takes boudoir pics, and they set up a honeymoon suite cam…naturally.

12 bridesmaides. 9 groomsmen. 2CHELLOS (a hot band) played the music as the wedding party walked down the aisle. Sean’s father married them, and they each wrote their own vows. (For more wedding details, Everything You Need to Know About the Bachelor Wedding. I think the title pretty much says it all.)

Heart-Melting Moment: Aside from Sean tearing up as she walked down the aisle, I had an aw moment when Catherine was reading her vows and told Sean, “People tell me how much light there is inside of me because of you. You bring that out in me.” Cue audible aw.

Extra Fun: If you do watch this episode, every time they say “sexy” or mention sex, take a shot. Except maybe don’t do that, because that could end poorly.

wedding cake

Credit: E-Online

The cakes! Wedding cake was designed by Duff Goldman.

And the groom’s cake was of Sean’s two other lady loves: His Boxer Lola and Chocolate Lab Ellie. It was designed by Charm City Cakes in LA.

grooms cake

Credit: E-Online

I hope this Bachelor couple lasts and makes it into Bachelor history, because they are a cute duo and seem so happy in love.

Cheers to the happy pair and another Bachelor wedding in the books. (Don’t remember who else was married? I got you covered.)

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Week 5


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The group headed to Vietnam this week and 3 ladies were sent home, leaving just 8 left and lots and lots of make-out sessions.

Who got kicked off: The one’s with red X’s were booted off last night. Kelly the dog lover, Danielle the silent contestant, and Alli (still not sure who that girl was) were sent home.


One-on-one: Renee 

She’s adorable. Juan Pablo drove her around Vietnam on a pedicab. They went shopping and bought souvenirs for their respective children. They got a little dress for his daughter Camilla and a little hat for her son Ben.

Problem city: Juan Pablo said that he thinks Renee and him are a lot alike. We’ll see if the old saying opposites attract rings true. He gave her the rose but no kiss, citing the fact they both had kids as an excuse.

Group Date or really Clare’s one-on-one with a posse of pissed off girls: Lots of Twitter hate on Clare. She paired up with Juan Pablo when the group went canoeing. Then was stolen away for a make-out session in the pool, and given the rose.

So let me get this straight. You won’t kiss Renee because she has a son, but you’ll make out with Clare hard core on a group date (because she’s seeexxxy)? And then maybe go over here and make out with the opera singer…and maybe the attorney too..yeah yeah. Hmmm. I’m not following your rules, Juan Pabs.

Quote of the night: Sharleen

“I want to know that he sees me as a panda in a room full of brown bears.” This is a weird analogy. I see where you’re going with that, and immagonna let you finish, but…

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice how in all the interviews the ladies have that love struck, starry gaze in their eyes? Cool it, ladies. There are still 8 of you.

One-on-One: Nikki

This poor girl. She keeps getting on dates she is not fond of. Apparently dancing and rappelling down caves aren’t her thing.

Juan Pablo: “I took the lead so if something happened I would be able to grab her.” As Juan Pablo is rappelling down, he’s below Nikki and reaches up and taps her butt. “I’m here.” Then partway down the cave wall he kisses her.

After dinner Juan Pablo says, “I’m liking how she thinks. I’m liking her heart.” Her heart? Is that it?

Rose Ceremony: At the rose ceremony, Juan Pabs FINALLY breaks his rule and cutely asks Renee about how her son would feel if he kissed her. Juan Pablo asks, “He wouldn’t be pissed at me?” When she says “no” and then proceeds to explain, he cuts her off by going in for the kiss. Then he has some sort of epiphany, and was like that was the right time to kiss Renee. What was I doing, letting Clare get me up at 4 A.M. to go swimming in the ocean?

So Juan Pablo has a sit-down with Clare about how his daughter is going to see all of this and he needs to be fair. Clare cries. They rejoin with the other ladies and it is awkward city. Clare cites allergies to explain away the waterworks and about a bajillion eyes roll.

Next week, Sharlene is questioning whether she should stay or go, and Clare revisits the sit-down she had with Juan-y Pabs. Should make for a dramatic Monday! Cannot wait!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Week 4


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The group flew across the country to Seoul, South Korea. As Juan Pablo pointed out, this was the first rose ceremony abroad, where if you didn’t receive a rose, “people will have to fly back home 12 hours feeling rejected and that’s not fun.” No, Juan Pablo. No, it’s not.

Who got kicked off: Also known as the ladies who got a 12 hour flight home. Lauren the music composer and Elise the first grade teacher are out.


Group Date: 6 lucky ladies got to perform with Korea’s most popular hip hop group: 21. The group arrived at YG Entertainment, where they met South Korea’s most popular KPOP group, and picked up a few dance moves.

This is Clare’s response to the news they’re flying to Korea:

“Korea! I don’t even have a kimono!”

1. Nope, that’s Japan. 2. I don’t think that’s a requirement in order to enter the country. At least, last time I checked that was the case, and 3. You’re killing me (and Carmen Sandiego who I know, back in the day, taught you Kimonos are traditional Japense garb.)

Juan Pablo: “I love dancing. And girls that know how to dance are the best way to win Juan Pablo’s heart.”

Kat used to be a dancer, so naturally was in her element. She was going a little over the top. Nikki, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to die.

Quote of the Night:

Nikki: “This is my worst nightmare…and I kinda wanna crap my pants. I hope we’re performing for the Korean School of the Blind.” Well played, Nikki.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 12.09.46 AM

After the performance, the group went out to celebrate with some cocktails (what else?). During some one-on-one time, Kat opened up about her family life, about how her parents split when she was young and her Dad was an alcoholic. She shared feelings. Lots and lots of feelings.

Nurse Nikki, or negative Nikki, as her roommates have dubbed her, got the rose and a nice little kiss from Juan Pablo.

Elise broke the cardinal rule on her one-on-one time with Juan Pablo. Have you learned nothing from previous seasons?! Don’t talk about other girls during your time with him. That is a sure-fire ticket home.

One-on-One: Sharleen

They explored the city of Seoul, got traditional dresses for Camilla and Sharleen, and went to a tea house, where they got to talk a little bit more. Sharleen called him “cheeky” and “NOT blande.” At dinner, they bonded over their travels, and Sharleen found they had a lot more in common than she had originally anticipated. (And Bastille kept playing in my head – The walls kept tumbling down in the city that we looooove…)

Sharleen is growing on me. She does not have a lot of facial expressions, and she’s super composed all of the time. But there’s a little humor behind that poise. And she’s very well-spoken.

Later in the date, Juan Pablo brought her to a place with sufficient acoustics so she could sing. She said she doesn’t normally sing so early on for dudes she dates. (Sidenote: I love the lacy, black dress she wore on the date. I’ll find a link on Possessionista’s page for y’all. I mean mostly for myself, but you too.) As expected, her voice is gorgeous. She made him close his eyes, and after she sang a few bars, they shared a romantic kiss.

Group Date: The remaining ladies got a full day of Korea (do all of the things!), starting with a little karaoke, followed by wandering the streets of Seoul, and, what do you know, they found a photobooth.

After that they went…I don’t know what these things are, but I want one. Swan peddle boats? Yes, please.

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 12.46.29 AM

Next on the list, was getting the dead skin of their feet eaten off by tiny little fish. Yup. Exactly what it sounds like.

After that on their tour, the gang tries a bunch of different food at an outdoor market. Clare tells him she doesn’t want to eat octopus. Juan Pablo is so cute. He was like “Oh you don’t want to eat octupus? That is gonna be the first thing I give you. you just made the worst mistake of your life.” He’s a jokester that one.

Second Quote of the Night:

Kelly the dog lover on Clare’s overreaction to having to eat octopus: “Clare is so dramatic. Her piece was literally this big (mimes with fingers), and I know you’ve swallowed bigger things than that.”

On the group date, Juan Pablo vows to the cameras that he wants to set a good example for his daughter, and that because he’s already kissed 6 girls, he’s going to lay off the lip-locking. Exceeeept if he’s talking to Clare.

Juan Pablo: “I know I said I wasn’t gonna kiss anyone, but she is sexy.” As Jimmy Fallon said, that’s a good lesson for his daughter: Don’t kiss anyone unless you’re sexy. Then it’s OK.

Lauren went in for the kiss and he rejected her. Sobbing ensued.

Andi got the rose on the group date. Clare looked pisssssed.

Next on the world-wide tour, the troop is headed to Vietnam.

PSA: If you watch one thing, watch Juan Pablo’s lip syncing of 21’s hit song at the end of the episode bonus footage. It will make you fall in love with him (even more if you already do).


Everything You Need to Know About The Bachelor Wedding


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Credit: Catherine's Instagram

Credit: Catherine’s Instagram @catherinegiudici

Sean Lowe (Bachelor from Season 17) and Catherine Giudici are tying the knot Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at 8|7c LIVE. That makes four (count ‘em four!) Bachelor weddings that have aired on TV! Out of 17 seasons of The Bachelor and 9 seasons of The Bachelorette. Trista and Ryan, Jason and Molly, Ashley and JP. Unlike the previous weddings, however, this one will be shown live! Here is what you need to know before the end of January.

Where is the happy couple right now? Right now they are not living together, but living in the same city: Sean’s city of Dallas.

Are they having Bachelor/ette parties? Why yes, they are. Catherine opted for some sunning in Miami, while her soon-to-be hubby jetted off to wintry weather in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Where will the ceremony be? The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara

Who is walking Catherine down the aisle? Catherine’s Dad will walk her down the aisle. Despite the tumultuous relationship between Catherine and her Dad that ABC highlighted last season, Catherine continues to express how much she cares for him.

Who is officiating? Not Chris Harrison. “I doubt Chris will be officiating only because, you know, my dad is an ordained minister, my grandfather is a minister, there is a lot of ministers in line that might supercede Chris Harrison,” Sean explains. Turns out, Sean’s dad will be officiating the ceremony, joining these two in holy matrimony.

First Dance: After his little stint on Dancing with the Stars, Sean recruited his former pro ballroom dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd, to piece together his first dance. They chose a waltz.

Wedding prep: Catherine Giudici has been tweeting #weddingworkout for awhile to get in bikini bod mode.

The wedding invite: Quirky like the couple. Possibly done/influenced by Catherine’s graphic design background? The wedding invitations were designed by Smitten on Paper, and included the punny phrase: “The LOWEdown on marrying, eating, boogie-ing all night long.

Sean and Catherine's save the date wedding invite

The wedding party: Lesley Murphy, the saucy, blonde DC lobbyist (although random fun fact: now she’s living in Buenos Aires with her boyfriend Wade) and one of the other contestants on Sean’s season of The Bachelor will be in the wedding party. While you may think this is awkward seeing as she technically dated Sean the same time Catherine was, she became friends with Catherine on the show and has since remained close with her.

The ring: A whopping 3.15-carat platinum-and-diamond ring by Neil Lane, of course, will sit on Catherine’s finger. Not too shabby. (Pic taken in Thailand where Sean proposed and they rode off on an elephant.)

The dress: Of course, they’re not revealing the exact dress before the big day, but Daily Mail reported Catherine was dress shopping in LA and tweeted a pic of a J. Mendel dress she loved.

Where will the honeymoon be? They’re not spilling the goods, but in an interview with E! they said it would be someplace tropical.

WetPaint has a pretty sweet guide to the wedding outlining anything else you could possibly want to know. And ABC has a few deets on their blog.

Are you watching on Sunday, Bachelor Fans?!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Quick Recap Episode 3


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Our basic cable kept cutting in and out this episode, so not an extensive recap this week, but here’s the gist and what you need to know to get by on your Bachelor brackets.

Who got kicked off: Free Spirit out.Bachelorette-Board_JuanPablo_week3

First One-On-One: Cassandra – the ex-NBA dancer and single mom, who, at the last rose ceremony, was doubting being at the mansion and leaving her son at home. Sidenote: I didn’t realize she was only 21, just barely drinking age legal and kind of a youngin’. Cassandra and Juan Pablo went water driving(?). Basically, it’s a boat that looks like a car and has steering capabilities and everything. Then he took her to his house and they cooked together, followed by some salsa dancing.

Theme of the Night: “I really want to make her feel comfortable.” – Juan Pablo. He said this several times throughout the night. And I’ve found “making her feel comfortable” always involves dancing or singing to a Latin beat.

Group Date: They had a group date at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA where the LA Galaxy men’s soccer team plays. The ladies split up into two teams to play a little soccer. Alli was in her element. As for the rest of the ladies…It was a little tough to watch. After the game, Andi the Prosecutor stole a kiss in the kitchen. Nikki stole some great convo (no kiss though) and the rose for the date.

One-On-One: Chelsie - One of the many blondes and teachers received the second one-on-on date card, reading something having to do with trust. Again, to make sure she was feeling comfortable, Juan Pablo pumped up the Latin tunes on the radio on their drive to their date. They went tandem bungee jumping off of a bridge. But first they stood there for an hour while Chelsie toggled back and forth between jumping or chickening out. (Which I can’t completely blame her, because I would have wet my pants if that was the date I had to go on. Jumping to your death? No thank you.) Finally, after Juan Pablo was like we don’t have to do this, she was like, well, now I want to. She conceded, they jumped, the chord held, and they shared an upside-down-Spiderman-esque kiss. Afterwards, they had dinner, talked about their biggest fears, and ended the date with a private concert by Billy Currington.

Pool Party: Instead of a rose ceremony, Juan Pablo opted for a pool party to get to spend more time with the ladies. First, though, he surprised them with a Venezuelan breakfast. A man that likes to cook and dance? Sign me up. I also, greatly enjoy when the bachelors surprise the ladies in the AM before the ladies have had their coffee and had the chance to get all dolled up. I like to see if any of them will snap. Kelly (the girl with the dog) came downstairs, disheveled to let her dog Molly out to use the facilities, and got a little shocked to find Juan Pablo in the kitchen. That started a parade of ladies in their make-up-less ensembles to stumble downstairs to greet Juan Pablo.

At the pool party, Sharleen made out with Juan Pablo kind of in the open, stirring up a little chatter amongst the ladies. Kat also rubbed a few people the wrong way with her game of chicken in the pool and monopolizing Juan Pablo’s time. Clare got a little overwhelmed and let out a few tears. Elise made known her dislike for Chelsie (or not necessarily dislike, but rather her concern that Chelsie was too much of a child and not ready to be a mom to Juan Pablo’s daughter.) Also, this is the most I’ve seen Elise talk, and she surprisingly got a rose again tonight - the sleeper (see the poll on this page for reference)?

Next Sunday is the LIVE wedding of Sean and Catherine!!! January 26th, 8 PM – 10 PM EST. I’ll follow up with a post on all you need to know before the special date.


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