The Bachelor Arie: Fantasy Suite Dates Quick Recap


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Fantasy Suite Date Cards Galore! A Tent For a Date. An Ex Returns For His Girl and Arie’s Living it Up in Peru Throwing Around the “L” Word Like It’s Confetti.

Arie and his final three ladies traveled to Peru for adventures and Fantasy Suite Date Cards. He said, “I love you,” to ALL of the ladies over and over again. Dropped the “L” bomb just like that. Arie’s like poo poo ABC and your rules, I do what I want.

Who got kicked off: Our beloved, quirky Kendall was sent home at the rose ceremony. Arie pulled her aside and they both saw their relationship wasn’t as far along as the others. Until next time, Kendall. My fingers are crossed for a Bachelor in Paradise reunion with you, your quirkiness, and your taxidermy. A beach is a very nice place for a ukele. Just sayin’. Peace.

The Twist! ‘Twas Becca whose ex returned to find her love. This guy flew all the way to Peru to give it a go with Becca. That is commitment there, ladies. He talked to Arie. It was awkward. Arie was like I literally just had a fantasy suite date with this girl you claim to love…

Becca had none of it and didn’t want that to affect her and Arie’s relationship. She went back to Arie and all’s good in the hood. Also, timeline. Becca dated the ex guy for 7 years and it was weird timing that he and Becca had broken up one year ago at this very similar time.

Anywhooos, Arie was like I need to process and didn’t know if he wanted to have to deal with the crazy ex if he did choose Becca. He asked, is this going to be a problem in our relationship later? Translation: I’m going to use this as an excuse when I pick Lauren B. over Becca. (Disclaimer: I have no idea who he chooses. I’m just being snarky. I don’t read the spoilers! They take away from the surprise!)

Two ladies are left! Lauren B. and Becca K.

Also, Becca’s date included a tent in the desert. Just a tent. Just a bed. In the desert.

Next week Monday AND Tuesday, March 5th and 6th at 8|7c is the Bachelor finale! Reality Steve and TV Guide indicate there will be a 2 hour finale and a 1 hour After the Final Rose on Monday night and a second follow-up After the Final Rose for 1 hour on Tuesday night. Yes, two nights. Buckle up, stock up and pour yourself a glass…from that box o’ wine. You deserve it.


The Bachelor Arie: HOMETOWNS Quick Recap


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Becca K., Kendall, Lauren B., and Tia were headed to hometowns. Next week is Women Tell All.

Racing on a dirt track, riding horseback on the beach, going apple picking and going taxidermy-ing. Can you guess which hometown belonged to whom? Arie was grilled by the families and siblings and it made him sweat. At the rose ceremony, Arie pulled Kendall aside to get some lingering questions answered. And he found them.

Who got kicked off: Our girl Tia is headed back to Weiner, AR, to be reunited with her bestie Raven. She told Arie she hoped he followed his heart. Such a sweetheart.

Tomorrow night @ 8pm is Bachelor Winter Games and Thursday @ 8pm and a reunion @ 10pm. The Bachelor Women Tell All is on Sunday at 8pm | 7c. And again on Monday night at 8pm | 7c.


The Bachelor Winter Games All You Need to Know


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The Bachelor Winter Games! Wintertime Just Heated Up!

Premieres: Tomorrow, February 13 at 8pm

Time: 4 weeks

Filmed in: Vermont (I am so bummed I missed the filming! If you caught it, email me!)

Cast: On the American team are blast from the past Ben Higgins (btdubs he and Lauren broke up and she’s happily in love with someone else according to her Instagram), Dean (for the third time offender), Ashley I., Eric from Rachel Lindsay’s series is back! Jamey, Josiah (Rachel’s baby that she sat), Luke (from JoJo’s season), Michael (from Desiree’s season), blast from the past Clare (from Juan Pablo’s season), Lesley (from Sean Lowe’s season – no idea who she is), Bibiana (from Arie’s season). Additional Bachelor/Bachelorettes will be announced. I have a couple guesses from those that just got kicked off Arie’s season tonight.

Full cast includes players from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Finland, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Canada.

Premise: There is not much detail on the ABC blog other than that Bachelors and Bachelorettes from around the world will compete with each other in faux Olympic Games, representing their country and in the most trying sport: love. A preview of the games include winter biathlon, speed skating, and ice dancing with date cards given to the challenge winners. Love triangles, tears and challenges abound.

Best Part: Ashley I is back! And in full Ashley I. force. Let’s see who friend zones her and who she falls in love with. Who doesn’t love watching Ashley I. find love?

Back in the day I blogged about the German Bachelorette. So this Winter Games is that times 10 and mixed with all of the other Bachelors and Bachelorettes from the international shows. It sounds like a mash of Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Pad for a shortened period of time.

Read more about the international cast on ABC.

In related news, Benoit from Canada’s team can have my vote any day.

Tune in tomorrow, or follow the live tweet to see what it’s all about and save yourself some time!


The Bachelor Arie: Week 7 Quick Recap


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Arie is headed to Weiner, AR. Arie is falling in love with Lauren. And four ladies are gearing up for Hometowns!!

The ladies and Arie traveled to Italy to find some Pisa wine and love. Next week is HOMETOWNS! The best week of all!

Arie greeted Italy in the only way appropriate for the show, “I can’t wait to drink some wine.” Cheers to that.

Who got kicked off: Jacqueline took herself out of the game by telling Arie she had doubts and didn’t know if she was making the right decision. I think she was afraid of getting her heart broken and had 6 years of PhD ahead. Seinne went home on a one-on-one date. 22-year-old Bekah went home on the group date.

Tomorrow night 8pm is the premiere of The Bachelor Winter Games. Tune in!


The Bachelor Arie: Week 6 Quick Recap


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Walking in Heels All Over Paris, Arie Was Almost a baby daddY, And A two-on-One with Kendall’s Emotional Intelligence Off the Charts

Paris, France! The ladies were whisked off to the city of love to fall head over heels with Arie. Lauren got the first one-on-one and was pretty silent the entire date, but her silence led to the greatest knowledge of all – that Arie almost had a baby in his relationship with the mom he keeps talking about. Jacqueline got a one-on-one and let it drop that she wants to do a PhD somewhere, a casual 6 years. Arie bought her a dress and heels to walk around Paris in. The group daters watched madly on as Bekah got to star in Moulin Rouge with Arie and got a rose. Kendall and Krystal went on the two-on-one date, and Kendall came out on top of a battle of emotions and kissed Arie passionately on top of the Eiffel Tower.

Who got kicked off: Krystal was sent home on the first two-on-one date of the season. Single mom Chelsea and whacky, lovable Jenna were sent home at the rose ceremony this week.


Best Quote of the Night: Goes to Jenna! While she may be gone, she is forever in our hearts as she described her feelings with grand gestures and non sequiturs. “Anger, hurt. Your heart gets completely ripped out. That’s how I feel.” (It’s a lot sadder when you blog it, but to see how she describes it, you just know that one’s gonna be ok. Still waiting on those requests for interpretations from Jenna’s mind.)

Second Best Quote of the Night: Jacqueline 

“I could have the one-on-one and that would be amazing. Or I could be on the two-on-one with Krystal and that would be my worst nightmare.” (And then they made her walk all over Paris in heels. I think she still would argue that was better than a two-on-one with Krystal. And I hope she got to keep those fabulous shoes.)

One more week to whittle it down until hometowns! The best parts of the season. Previews show tears upon tears.

Winter Games are next week! Not the Olympics. Those are this week, but dare I say maybe a step above. Only one thing is for certain, we’ll find out, February 13th!

The Bachelor Arie: Week 5 Quick Recap


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Krystal has a temper tantrum for the ages. The ladies go bowling. And Maquel Returns To Say Hi and bye.

And the bachelorettes continue their world-wide tour from Lake Tahoe to…Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chelsea got a one-on-one on a yacht. The group date was bowling and Krystal lost her sh*t. And Tia got the second one-on-one date. Lauren B. got the rose on the group date where they played 21 questions and Arie was surprised she used coconut milk in her coffee. Easily pleased that one.

Krystal had a temper tantrum and sent her relationship on a rocky road with Arie after she packed her bags and refused to come on the group date. Meanwhile, Jenna said nervous was always at the top of her emotions. And then giggled.

Fun Facts! This is where you know Kendall from or don’t but must know! She was on an episode of Fear Factor that never aired with her twin sister. The did a stunt involving electrocution and collecting flags in a maze. And rumors that drinking donkey semen was another challenge. She was also a set dresser on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, according to Life and Style Magazine.

Who got kicked off: Maquel…again. She left for her grandpa’s funeral services and came back this week…only to be knocked back at a rose ceremony. Ashley and Marikh went home.

Full recap to follow.


The Bachelor Arie: Week 4 Full Recap


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“For the record I am always Pro Glam.” Me too, Chelsea. Me too. Preach it. A true Glamper if I’ve ever seen one. The ladies came up with clever ways to use or not use a compass in the outdoors of Lake Tahoe. Bekah is 22 and making Arie nervous. Becca K. apologized for being sweaty at the rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Maquel technically left on her own volition because of her grandpa’s passing. Caroline and Brittany were sent home at the rose ceremony. No cocktail party was had.


One-on-One: Seinne our leading lady got the one-on-one date. She went paragliding with Arie on Lake Tahoe as the other ladies watched on from the cabin. She also had a dinner and concert.

Group Date: The group date was a hike in the wilderness. They split into three groups. One of the lucky groups had Arie as a team member. I’m pretty sure no one knew how to use a compass, but kudos for creativity. All roads lead to hot tubs. After they found their destination they immediately stripped down into their bikinis. Krystal cozied up next to Arie and started a feud. Arie seems to really like the taxidermist. #TeamTaxidermy

On the group date during his conversation with Tia, Tia revealed she was feeling a little insecure about their relationship and Arie’s response was “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” I’m confused. Can I be in on this plan? But like really, what is this plan? I’m curious.

One-on-One: Bekah went on a horseback riding date around Lake Tahoe. Along the trail was a hot tub. In the hot tub Bekah uncovered an accident Arie had in a truck called the Black Widow that crashed and rolled several times. He has screws in his collar bone that he broke. He bonded with Bekah even more. At dinner Bekah finally told him she was 22. And you could see his face immediately change. His mind is racing. Bekah fought to stay and Arie decided to give her the rose saying the he couldn’t let her go yet.

Jenna: No, but seriously, if you have an idea of what is going on in Jenna’s head please tell me. Like fill out the contact me page with what you think is in Jenna’s head and I will post it here. Because I am so lost.

I’m also actively recruiting hotties for the tech recruiter Brittany because she is adorable and deserves to find love. So if you know any sexy bachelors send them my way!

Best Conversation of the Night:

Marikh to Chelsea: I heard that you were glam shaming me.

Chelsea: What is glam shaming?

Marikh compared it to slut shaming, telling Chelsea, “You told Arie I was using the compass to fix my makeup.” Chelsea responded that it was lighthearted. Marikh corrected, “I was fixing my hair.”

Chelsea’s response to a producer in an interview: “I am a former model. That was part of my career to get glammed up. For the record, I am always pro glam.”

Tonight is a new episode! Get your glam and glasses ready!


The Bachelor Arie: Week 4 Quick Recap


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Hot tubs galore are back! Bekah is 22. Lake Tahoe Hiking and Glam Shaming are Here.

“For the record I am always Pro Glam.” Me too, Chelsea. Me too. Preach it. A true Glamper if I’ve ever seen one.

The ladies came up with clever ways to use or not use a compass in the outdoors of Lake Tahoe. Bekah is 22 and making Arie nervous. Becca K. apologized for being sweaty at the rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Maquel technically left on her own volition because of her grandpa’s passing. Caroline and Brittany were sent home at the rose ceremony. No cocktail party was had.

Bekah uncovered an accident Arie had been in when he was 15 and left him with screws in his collar bone.

If you know what is going on in Jenna’s head, please tell me. For reals though. A new fun game is guess what’s happening in Jenna’s mind.

Meanwhile everyone is taking applications to become Tia’s best friend. Get in line, ladies, get in line.

Best Quote of the Night: 

Marikh to Chelsea: I heard that you were glam shaming me.

Chelsea: What is glam shaming?

Marikh compared it to slut shaming, telling Chelsea, “You told Arie I was using the compass to fix my makeup.” Chelsea responded that it was lighthearted. Marikh corrected, “I was fixing my hair.”

Chelsea’s response to a producer in an interview: “I am a former model. That was part of my career to get glammed up. For the record, I am always pro glam.”

Tweets of the Night: Cheers to these Tweeters

The Bachelor Arie: Week 3 Quick Recap


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Dog Training Trauma, GLOW, and Wine Country for One

Lauren S. got a one-on-one date to the wine country and then was sent home with Arie citing there was no spark. Annaliese not only had bumper car mishaps, but also had some run-ins with unfriendly dogs in her childhood. Cue black and white flashback. She was sent home at the cocktail party just before the rose ceremony.  And my girl Bibiana was sent home at the rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Lauren S. went home on a one-on-one date. Annaliese went home unceremoniously at the cocktail party and Bibiana went home at the rose ceremony.

Full Recap to follow.


The Bachelor Arie: Premiere Full Recap


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Motorcycle Roadtrips down memory lanE, Dress-Up with Rachel Zoe, Hometown visits, Bumper Car Trauma and Pillow Lips

We’re off to the races. Becca got the first date. Krystal got a rose and went straight to meet the parents. 15 ladies went on the group date and played adult-sized bumper cars. Krystal revealed she had a tough life growing up and her brother was homeless. Annaliese revealed she doesn’t like bumper cars. I’d like to upfront apologize to all those out there that have also had bumper car trauma and or have been hurt having to be subjected to the phrase “pillow lips.” Twitter was very unkind to you.

Who got kicked off: Jenny, Lauren G., and Valerie were sent home never to be remembered again. Although, Jenny did make a dramatic exit, breezing by Arie and telling him she was there to make friends and apparently this was the first time she was broken up with. Well, she is handling it well.

First one-on-one date: Becca Whisked away on a motorcycle, Becca was first one to go on a date, zipped up in a leather jacket and riding down the highways of Los Angeles. He showered her with Rachel Zoe gowns and Louis Vuitton heels and Neil Lane jewelry. I feel like this date was designed (See what I did there. The Bachelor interns would be proud.) to make the other girls jealous and make Becca the most hated woman in the house. Because Becca got to keep ALL of the swag, take it back home and then meet Arie later in the night for the rest of their date. Still a great date. Awkward because Becca just modeled the clothes, but I think they got to hang out by the pool after the promenade.

Best Quote: “Have you ever done this before?” She asked, referring to Arie putting the earrings on her ears.
Arie: Yes…for my mom.
Umm…not exactly what I was picturing, but suuure.

He really likes to kiss Becca.

Another Great Quote: Arie to Becca: “I feel like you reminded me most of myself when I was on The Bachelorette so if you have any questions just ask.” That feels more like a big brotherly role. But he likes to kiss her. I’m unsure. I’m so confused!

One-on-one: Krystal went on a one-on-one date back in time with Arie to Scottsdale, AZ. They drove by the high school. He showed her where his first kiss was, his first job at pizza hut and then proceeded to go through old family photos (videos included). The real kicker is they went to meet the fam bam. Krystal met mom, dad, bro, and bro’s recent wife. Krystal handled it well.

Group Date: Aka the best date ever. Demolition Derby was the name of the game, where you basically crash into each other until your car stopped running with only one woman standing. A-mazing. AND you got to spray paint a car. 15 ladies were on this date. 15 ladies drove around in derby cars to ram into each other.

Everyone wanted to know who painted the 9 car and transformed it into the epic 69 that it was. Creativity at its finest. That my friends was our good friend, Brittany T. Arie, the sweatheart that he is, made sure to check on Brittany at the rose ceremony because she was out for whiplash.

Bumper Car Trauma:
Bibiana asked where the track was in Miami because it was gonna be her new therapy. Get it, girl. Meanwhile, Annaliese flashed back to a traumatic bumper car incident where she remembered getting trapped in the middle and getting hit. “And I just remember being so alone and so scared.” I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that’s HOW bumper cars work. Like it’s inherent in the game. I don’t understand.

I’d like to formally apologize on behalf of all of the friends on the Twitter universe, if you have ever been personally victimized by bumper car trauma.

Best Quote: “So could this be the first time Arie actually wins something on a race track.” Chris Harrison with the shade.

Bashelor Instant Replay camera for the win. Seinne was the winner. Seinne went to Yale and lived in Scottsdale for a time. Keep an eye on this one.

Rose on the Group Date: Seinne got the rose on the group date. I love when they interview Bekah C. and they always ask how she’s feeling and she’s always like “I’m so good,” and then they bring out a one-up by another girl. I would like this to continue. It’s very entertaining.

Rose Ceremony:

One of the girls said, “We all have such personalities and we’re all trying to figure out what he’s looking for.” Lemme help a sister out. He’s looking for blondes and Beccas.

Let’s Talk Taxidermy:

So Kendall introduced Arie to parts of her taxidermy collection. Arie was like, I knew you were artsy, but…

Arie explained he had a friend that collected doll parts, so he gets it. Kendall’s response: “See that’s creepy. Doll parts are creepy,” says the girl who collects taxidermy.

Jenny went home in a huff and was really just upset the taxidermy collector beat her out. And she was there to make friends and become Instagram famous. And she had never been broken up with. And girl needs to get over it. She’s out week 2, bummer, you’ll survive.

Best Tweets of the Night: Shout out to these Twitter folk who narrated each moment lovingly.

Bachelor Winter Games premieres February 13th and my heart is warmed by the full winter ahead of me! A new episode of The Bachelor airs tonight 8|7c on ABC.