The Bachelor Arie: Week 3 Quick Recap


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Dog Training Trauma, GLOW, and Wine Country for One

Lauren S. got a one-on-one date to the wine country and then was sent home with Arie citing there was no spark. Annaliese not only had bumper car mishaps, but also had some run-ins with unfriendly dogs in her childhood. Cue black and white flashback. She was sent home at the cocktail party just before the rose ceremony.  And my girl Bibiana was sent home at the rose ceremony.

Who got kicked off: Lauren S. went home on a one-on-one date. Annaliese went home unceremoniously at the cocktail party and Bibiana went home at the rose ceremony.

Full Recap to follow.



The Bachelor Arie: Premiere Full Recap


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Motorcycle Roadtrips down memory lanE, Dress-Up with Rachel Zoe, Hometown visits, Bumper Car Trauma and Pillow Lips

We’re off to the races. Becca got the first date. Krystal got a rose and went straight to meet the parents. 15 ladies went on the group date and played adult-sized bumper cars. Krystal revealed she had a tough life growing up and her brother was homeless. Annaliese revealed she doesn’t like bumper cars. I’d like to upfront apologize to all those out there that have also had bumper car trauma and or have been hurt having to be subjected to the phrase “pillow lips.” Twitter was very unkind to you.

Who got kicked off: Jenny, Lauren G., and Valerie were sent home never to be remembered again. Although, Jenny did make a dramatic exit, breezing by Arie and telling him she was there to make friends and apparently this was the first time she was broken up with. Well, she is handling it well.

First one-on-one date: Becca Whisked away on a motorcycle, Becca was first one to go on a date, zipped up in a leather jacket and riding down the highways of Los Angeles. He showered her with Rachel Zoe gowns and Louis Vuitton heels and Neil Lane jewelry. I feel like this date was designed (See what I did there. The Bachelor interns would be proud.) to make the other girls jealous and make Becca the most hated woman in the house. Because Becca got to keep ALL of the swag, take it back home and then meet Arie later in the night for the rest of their date. Still a great date. Awkward because Becca just modeled the clothes, but I think they got to hang out by the pool after the promenade.

Best Quote: “Have you ever done this before?” She asked, referring to Arie putting the earrings on her ears.
Arie: Yes…for my mom.
Umm…not exactly what I was picturing, but suuure.

He really likes to kiss Becca.

Another Great Quote: Arie to Becca: “I feel like you reminded me most of myself when I was on The Bachelorette so if you have any questions just ask.” That feels more like a big brotherly role. But he likes to kiss her. I’m unsure. I’m so confused!

One-on-one: Krystal went on a one-on-one date back in time with Arie to Scottsdale, AZ. They drove by the high school. He showed her where his first kiss was, his first job at pizza hut and then proceeded to go through old family photos (videos included). The real kicker is they went to meet the fam bam. Krystal met mom, dad, bro, and bro’s recent wife. Krystal handled it well.

Group Date: Aka the best date ever. Demolition Derby was the name of the game, where you basically crash into each other until your car stopped running with only one woman standing. A-mazing. AND you got to spray paint a car. 15 ladies were on this date. 15 ladies drove around in derby cars to ram into each other.

Everyone wanted to know who painted the 9 car and transformed it into the epic 69 that it was. Creativity at its finest. That my friends was our good friend, Brittany T. Arie, the sweatheart that he is, made sure to check on Brittany at the rose ceremony because she was out for whiplash.

Bumper Car Trauma:
Bibiana asked where the track was in Miami because it was gonna be her new therapy. Get it, girl. Meanwhile, Annaliese flashed back to a traumatic bumper car incident where she remembered getting trapped in the middle and getting hit. “And I just remember being so alone and so scared.” I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that’s HOW bumper cars work. Like it’s inherent in the game. I don’t understand.

I’d like to formally apologize on behalf of all of the friends on the Twitter universe, if you have ever been personally victimized by bumper car trauma.

Best Quote: “So could this be the first time Arie actually wins something on a race track.” Chris Harrison with the shade.

Bashelor Instant Replay camera for the win. Seinne was the winner. Seinne went to Yale and lived in Scottsdale for a time. Keep an eye on this one.

Rose on the Group Date: Seinne got the rose on the group date. I love when they interview Bekah C. and they always ask how she’s feeling and she’s always like “I’m so good,” and then they bring out a one-up by another girl. I would like this to continue. It’s very entertaining.

Rose Ceremony:

One of the girls said, “We all have such personalities and we’re all trying to figure out what he’s looking for.” Lemme help a sister out. He’s looking for blondes and Beccas.

Let’s Talk Taxidermy:

So Kendall introduced Arie to parts of her taxidermy collection. Arie was like, I knew you were artsy, but…

Arie explained he had a friend that collected doll parts, so he gets it. Kendall’s response: “See that’s creepy. Doll parts are creepy,” says the girl who collects taxidermy.

Jenny went home in a huff and was really just upset the taxidermy collector beat her out. And she was there to make friends and become Instagram famous. And she had never been broken up with. And girl needs to get over it. She’s out week 2, bummer, you’ll survive.

Best Tweets of the Night: Shout out to these Twitter folk who narrated each moment lovingly.

Bachelor Winter Games premieres February 13th and my heart is warmed by the full winter ahead of me! A new episode of The Bachelor airs tonight 8|7c on ABC.

The Bachelor Arie: Week 2 Quick Recap


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Derby Days, First Roses, Bumper Car Flashbacks and Family meetings

We’re off to the races. Becca got the first date. Krystal got a rose and went straight to meet the parents. 15 ladies went on the group date and played adult-sized bumper cars. Krystal revealed she had a tough life growing up and her brother was homeless. Annaliese revealed she doesn’t like bumper cars. I’d like to apologize on behalf of all the Twitter taunters if you have ever been personally victimized by bumper car trauma. Seinne won the group date derby and got to drink a cup of milk. Connor Duermit sang on Krystal’s date, and Bekah and Arie had a major make out sesh. Her words not mine. (Also, does anyone feel the need to shout Be-cah! every time you read her name? No? Just me? You have ruined me, Pitch Perfect.)

Who got kicked off: Jenny, Lauren G., and Valerie were sent home never to be remembered again. Although, Jenny did make a dramatic exit, breezing by Arie and telling him she was there to make friends and apparently this was the first time she was broken up with. Well, she is handling it well.

**Update: For those that were emailed, endless apologies, I got distracted by the Be-caws! and just crossed her off, but never fear, both Beccas are here.

Next week on The Bachelor the ladies are going to be real life Glow. If you haven’t watched Glow yet and have no idea what I’m talking about. Get your Netflix out and study up before Monday, because it is awesome. Plan your matching outfits and steady those wine glasses, it’s about to get good.

Also, Arie and Chris Harrison planned their outfit together. Adorbs.


The Bachelor Arie: PREMIERE! Quick Recap

A Classic car, Pitstops, and Sean Lowe Returns to Give More Advice.

Happy New Year! Happy New Bachelor Day! Arie is back in action! And he’s taking pointers from Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici who are now a daddy and mommy of one soon-to-be two adorable kiddos.

Who got kicked off: Ali, Amber, Bri, Brittane J., Jessica, Lauren J., Nysha, Olivia were all the girls we will never know kicked off night one.

First Impression Rose: Chelsea who talked to Arie first and then a second time again. Chelsea is a single mama who likes to stir up drama.

First Kiss: Brittany T. took the first kiss after a mini race in mini vehicles.

Best First Impression: While Bekah led the race for America’s hearts rolling up in a cherry red ’65 mustang, announcing “I may be young, but I can still appreciate something classic,” it was Maquel the photographer that took the lead by pulling up in a two-seater indycar. She not only removed the helmet, but threw it to the side and flipped her long, blonde locks 007 style.

Worst First Impression: It has to go to “pitstop” girl who made Arie smell her armpits to hit him with the icebreaker, “That had to be the best ‘pitstop’ you’ve ever had.” Just no. Do you ever want the guy you’re dating to smell your pits? I don’t think so. I don’t care how funny your pun is. Pay attention to the deodorant commercials!

Fun Fact: Raven’s friend Tia is on this season. She has the same distinguishable southern drawl, same hobbies and same charm.

Let’s go! Arie’s winning my heart with his sincerity, appreciation for corny jokes and his excitement to find love.

Get those wine glasses…oh who are we kidding…boxes ready for next week because we are hitting the ground running.

The Bachelor Season 22: All About Arie Luyendyk Jr.


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Blast from the past, Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Pile into the DeLorean and let’s go back to the future. And if you’re too young to know what a DeLorean is while reading this post, that’s no matter because you were probably too young when Arie was first on The Bachelor. Ok, I promise no more old jokes.

Back better than ever with a little more grey. Last one. I promise. It’s just I was hoping for some fresh blood, some lively new young face. Arie is still young and I’m not one to talk, but c’mon I don’t want to go backwards to the archives, I want to revitalize the present. Don’t let me down, Arie!

His bio on ABC says he’s been in the real estate business since he’s left Bachelor Nation (fun fact: JoJo was also in the real estate business in Texas, birds of a feather). He was a semi-professional racecar driver. So we can expect some racecar puns.

Oh man, life’s been a little hard on Arie. 

Age: September 18, 1981 (age 36)

Height: 6′ 2″

You know him from: Emily Maynard’s season. Emily is married and has four kids, and her season was in 2011 (when she only had one little one), so never fear if you’ve never watched a season of The Bachelor. This is the time to start, because people had to rack their brains to remember which season he was from, so we’re basically all starting from the same page. (I promise I’ll be kinder as the season progresses.)

He’s quirky, he’s cute, he’s…different. He mentioned that in an interview with US Weekly, where he says that he knew he wasn’t the one that America was expecting, which means you can’t help but love him.

His 25 ladies are announced and ready to go. And he’s got a good lookin’ bunch! And only 4 Laurens. Ladies, start your engines (and fill up those wine glasses).

The Bachelor premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 1 at 8|7c on ABC. 

Spotted! Carly Waddell and Evan Bass in Boston!


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Spotted: A pair of the cutest couple in The Bachelor Nation. I turned on the streets of Back Bay near Back Bay Station and low-and-behold it was Carly and Evan Bass! They were in town for Whitney Bischoff’s wedding in Cape CodAnd a couple of the nicest people I’ve ever blindsided and attacked on the sidewalks of Boston. Thanks for agreeing to take this selfie, confirming it wasn’t weird (definitely weird), and filling my bachelor soul. Congrats you two, on all of your things. And I hope this selfie attack incident does not taint your Boston experience. Try the chowdah. For reals.

I told myself to refrain from making Spotted posts so we can let them live their lives in peace, but poo poo to that, this was the greatest!

Bachelor in Paradise All You Need to Know for Season 4


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bachelor in paradise cast season 4

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: All You Need to Know

The Format

The format got all kinds of weird after they had that minor lawsuit debacle between Corinne and DeMario. So if you wanted to give up two of your weeknights to watch the show every Monday and Tuesday, it played. ABC went off format and showed a montage of the successful Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise weddings and relationships. I assume to mediate the Corinne and DeMario allegations and to remind us love happens on the show! They also had a lot more live studio audience stuff thrown in. Corinne shared her story. DeMario shared his story. And together Corinne and DeMario shared their story at the end of the season. Chris Harrison also had an awkward sit down with the cast and discussed a lot of things before they started the season back up again. Because basically they stopped filming the first day into paradise and sent everyone home, and then brought everyone but Corinne and DeMario back again.

The Players/Cast

Diggy, Danielle M., Raven, Alexis, Alex, Iggy, Corinne, DeMario, Jasmine, Kristina, Dean, Jack Stone, Matt, Vinny, Ben Z., the Twins, Amanda, Dominque, Jaqui, Santa Nick, Robby, Derek, Taylor, Daniel, Lacey, Wells (as bartender)

Who ended up together

Raven and Adam, Taylor and Derek and that’s about it. Wells was the bartender, so not quite allowed to have a relationship with the players. But when Danielle M. decided to leave, he walked her out and they shared a really sweet kiss. They’ve been friends forever.

bachelor in paradise season 4

The Breakups

Robby and Amanda tried to date after the show. Then the Twins called Robby out that he cheated in Colorado with another lady. So they’re not together anymore.

Lacey and Daniel are no longer dating because Daniel is the most confusing human. He told Lacey he loved her the night of the Fantasy Suite dates and then got caught on camera telling a producer he could never change his Facebook status to in a relationship with Lacey. Tidbit of advice don’t deny when they have cameras that refute what you’re saying. He also spent more time with Vinny than Lacey in New York outside of the show. Sooooo.

Dean and Kristina. Dean and D-Lo.

Dean (@DeanieBabies on Instagram btw) got himself into bit of trouble. He swept Kristina (sweetheart from Nick’s season) off her feet the first day. Then filming stopped that same day. He visited her outside of the show, went on a roadtrip with her to Chicago. Bachelor in Paradise came back and Kristina and Dean were inseparable. Then Danielle L. (D-Lo) came on and Dean got confused. He went on a date with her and made out with both of them. Kristina felt used and left the show and then Dean dumped D-Lo at the end because he thought he was in love with Kristina. At After the Final Rose of Bachelor in Paradise, we found out Dean hit up both D-Lo and Kristina after the show to get together with them. Juggling is not Dean’s strong suit.

The Proposal

Taylor and Derek were together throughout the entire show. Derek loves her quirks and all and they had a Fantasy Suite date and they came back on the show for the interviews and Derek proposed to her right then and there.

Carly and Evan Waddell

Carly and Evan basically stole the show. They got engaged on the last season of Bachelor in Paradise. They had their wedding televised on this season of Bachelor in Paradise on one of the earlier shows instead of at the end. Carly’s dress was banging. They had a couple quirky extras that related back to their relationship starting in Mexico. On one of the later episodes they busted out the sonogram with their second bit of announcements. Carly and Evan are pregnant! With a girl. Evan has three boys from his previous marriage. So now they will be a family of six. According to Carly’s live Instagram feeds, their cat will not leave her side now that she’s pregnant. They’re fun to watch on Instagram live in case you need someone entertaining to follow. They had a Mexican game-themed birthday party that was also pretty stellar. Because who doesn’t like games. (If you’ll remember, Ashley and JP were the first to have their sonogram televised live.)

Ben Zorn’s Dog

Ben Z. could not stop talking about his dog. It was the reason he and Raven were meant to be together. It was the reason he was looking to find a mom for his pup. It was the reason he ended up going home.

The Twins!

The Twins came back to Paradise, but all too brief. They came in the last day and no one would go on a date with them because everyone was already buddied up. And so the twins left on the same day. Didn’t matter, because the next day the players still there had to decide their fates with the relationships they had already formed and most people broke up or left.

The Next Bachelor

Anyone remember Arie? Yeah, didn’t think so. Whelp, from the archives, Arie is the next bachelor. He was the racecar driver. The only great thing are the puns available to choose from for the season.

Bonus Time!

Wells and Danielle M. look to be super cozy post Bachelor in Paradise. Danielle M. left the show to go on a mission to Africa to put her nursing skills to good use. Wells walked her out and gave Danielle a really great kiss after she left. They make such a cute pair. PopSugar cites a podcast Danielle M. and Wells appeared on together, and said the pair is seeing if it will evolve organically. “Wells is one of my best friends,” Danielle M. said, “and I don’t want to lose that.” Having been friends for 4 years, they’re taking it as it comes. Listen in to the podcast: Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Wells and Brandi and stalk them on Wells Facebook page.wells and danielle instagram

Ok, just one more. Because Commme Onnnnn. Lol and kudos to whoever wrote “Wife her.” Heroes don’t always wear capes.danielle m and wells instagram


The Bachelorette Rachel Season 13 Finale


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I think my TV is broken. Rachel are you still keeping it 100? Is this real life? Someone pass me the wine.

Congrats to the happy couple, Rachel and Bryan!

 Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan in the rolling hills of La Rioja, Spain. 

In an unprecedented season finale, ABC did a live show interspersed with the finale, so there was no After the Final Rose, yet it was a 3-hour event. Rachel was brought out with Chris Harrison at a live studio audience to watch the final episode and then bring out live the guy she sent home after they watched her send him home on TV. Follow me? It was super uncomfortable and I thought she’d spill the beans! Rachel chose 37-year-old chiropractor, mama’s boy, first impression rose man from Florida, Bryan. I’m still with Rachel’s mom and pop on this one and question what Rachel is doing. The breakup with Peter seemed to suggest she was deeply in love with him. As long as you’re happy Rachel, you do you Boo.

Who got kicked off: Eric and Peter were sent home. Eric was sent home at the rose ceremony, and Peter was sent home in a tear-filled good-bye before she had her final rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony:

Eric got kicked off at the rose ceremony, leaving Bryan and Peter as the final two men. Rachel didn’t know if he was ready for marriage and her other relationships were stronger. Eric’s doing great. He’s opens and ready to receive love.

Peter and Rachel had the most heartwrenching breakup on Bachelor Franchise history. They kept having very well-spoken, intellectual conversations about why they loved each other and yet why it wasn’t working. It seemed like it was because Peter wasn’t able to propose yet because he saw that as a direct reflection of marriage, yet he loved her so deeply and didn’t want to let her go, whereas Rachel wanted a proposal and husband out of the deal, not a boyfriend and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get to that step. There were a lot of emotions flying around and big tears. In the end Rachel broke up with him at the hotel room the night before the ceremony because it reminded her of the complicated relationships she’s had in the past. She wanted someone who was sure and confident in her. She gave him a long kiss and told him she loved him and there were so many tears. It really seemed like she loved him. At the live re-meeting, Peter still had some feelings for Rachel. 

Rachel seems to be happy in love. Her family is still skeptical. After dating for a few months in private, Bryan was reunited with Rachel on the show. And now they’re touring around making appearances.

Bachelor in Paradise Preview

Our man Dean is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise and previews show us he has two ladies’ hearts in his hands. All of your favorites are there, Raven, the Canadian man that I think only goes to Bachelor in Paradise for a living, and The Twins! I’m so excited they’re back.

Will you be watching Bachelor in Paradise?? The season premiere begins next week in a two-night event, Monday, August 14th and Tuesday, August 15th 8|7c.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans. 

The Bachelorette Rachel: Quick Recap Fantasy Suites Turned Meet the Fam


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Fantasy Suite Date time…wait..hold up. Rachel turned the tables and we’re going to Texas to meet the fam bam before we Fantasy Suite Date in La Rioja, Spain.

Fantasy suite dates…errr wait…pump the brakes. We’re going to Rachel’s hometown of Texas to meet the fam! Then wine and Fantasy Suite Date time in La Rioja, Spain.

Who got kicked off: We didn’t have a rose ceremony this week. Yes, Chris Harrison is still upset about this. We still have three men left.


Rachel’s mom, Kathy, is a star. Rachel trusts her opinion to the end as she should. This episode they kept awkwardly returning to the room of doom, where Rachel would individually take one of the guys to meet the fam – really just a random hotel room. But Rachel would literally walk in, hug all the men, sit with awkward chitchat and then take one of the guys with her to meet the fam. So there’s that.

Peter – Peter did great. The family loved him. He set the bar for the other dates, and Rachel finally got some clarity from Peter on how he was feeling and that he did not want to let her go.

Then on Fantasy Suite Date time, Peter mussed it up. He didn’t seem to want to bend on his definition of what an engagement meant. To him that meant marriage. To Rachel that meant she wasn’t getting a boyfriend after this, she was getting a partner. They went to wine country in Spain and the vineyard they went to gave them a wine locker with Peter and Rachel inscribed on it.

peter and rachel

Eric – Eric did great. The family loved him. Eric asked for Rachel’s hand in marriage and Kathy gave him a round-a-bout way of saying if that’s what Rachel wants then sure, you may have it. But dude, you’ve known my daughter for 6 weeks and been on maybe two dates, let’s slow your roll.

Then at Fantasy Suite Date time Eric also did great. Rachel seems to be at ease when he’s around and smile a lot. They went on Eric’s first helicopter ride over Spain and then walked a long path to an old Spanish monastery where you could make a wish and then ring the bell three times for it to come true. It was sweet. They showed the morning after and the pair getting breakfast like a little hollywood couple.

Bryan – Bryan did subpar. The family was not in love with him. Probably because they dug a little deeper than his charming demeanor. Bryan also met her friends who had previously met Nick. Rachel was disappointed that the family didn’t love Bryan as much as the other two. Kathy trusted her daughter Rachel and gave her blessing to build on the love they have, meaning check yo’self Bryan. This is bubble love and you need to have love outside of this show.

We have yet to see Bryan’s Fantasy Suite Date because that’s all we had time for.

Read Jillian Harris’ recap on why she is Team Eric. Now after this episode tell me which side you are on. I am now Team Kathy all the way.

Until next time, Bachelor Fans. Next week is Men Tell All.

The Bachelorette Rachel: HOMETOWNS


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Hometowns never disappoint! And three men are headed to meet rachel’s ‘rents! Plus, Germany’s Bachelorette’s Hometown Results. That’s Right. You’re welcome.

Who got kicked off: Dean was sent home. But not for long. He’ll soon be back on Bachelor in Paradise!

Rachel visited her final four mens’ hometowns this week to meet the families. Next week the final three will meet Rachel’s family and we’ll have Fantasy Suite Dates. Then a dose of Men Tell All and the grand finale!

Eric – Baltimore, MD

Eric greeted her with some dance moves. Rachel draped her legs over his on a bench as Eric went over where he grew up. They played basketball and Eric’s friend visited. A cool square growing up, was how Eric described himself. His friend said Eric was always able to stay positive and happy and actually inspire others. He got straight A’s. And Rachel admired that he’s had to be a go-getter. Rachel met Eric’s family and was the first girl Eric has brought home to meet the fam. His aunt pulled Rachel aside and asked about Rachel’s journey to find love. Eric’s aunt genuinely asked about how she’s dealing with the pressure of being the first black bachelorette. She cared. I adore her. “We both struggle with being selfish,” Rachel said of her and Eric and her approach to finding love on this journey. She continued, “Love doesn’t have color. I’m gonna make the best decision for me.”

Bryan – Miami, FL

Rachel met Bryan in his element: his hometown of Miami. Rachel gushed about how he talked to her in Spanish. All he said was welcome to Miami. He wore athleisure and white kicks. They played dominoes in the park. Bryan referred to Miami as the city of romance. Are we sure about that? I think that’s lust? Rachel met Bryan’s mom and dad. Bryan is a mama’s boy. Bryan warned Rachel that his mom was the one that didn’t like his previous girlfriend and it’s important that they get along. They made it seem like his mom was super strict on who he dated, when in reality during the blooper reel she seemed super funny and down to earth. Bryan’s mom asked him about his haircut and it seemed super chill. Bienvenidos a Miami.

Peter – Madison, WI

Peter took her to a bar in his neighborhood where a group of his friends met them for drinks. Peter has a diverse friend group of down to earth peeps. Peter pulled his guy friends aside and asked what they thought of Rachel. Peter seems to get in his head and overthink things. His family was very homey and welcoming. When Rachel asked his mom if she thought Peter was ready for commitment, Peter’s mom said he was ready to commit to one person at the end of this, but maybe not to commit immediately to marriage.

Dean – Venice, CA

Dean’s dad is a new yogi-type of healer man? I forget what they called it. But after Dean’s mom passed away his father turned toward alternative healing. Dean has been estranged from his dad for two years. They weren’t in Venice, CA. Dean’s dad lives somewhere a little more remote. Dean seemed to handle the day pretty well. With Rachel’s prodding, he tried to express how he felt abandoned by his dad during the most formative years after his mom passed away. Dean’s dad didn’t seem too receptive to going deep into the discussion and got a little on the defensive. Likely because he had like 10 million cameras in his face. Rachel tried to talk to Dean’s dad on camera unsuccessfully. And that was the end of the date.

Dean’s Departure: Rachel sent Dean home in another teary good-bye.

“I think she’s an incredible woman. I just think tonight she made a mistake.”

Germany’s Bachelorette

Good news! I was traveling and missed this Bachelorette episode, which is why this post is so late, but I have good news. I learned who went home on Germany’s Bachelorette. So you are welcome. Double bonus of hometowns this week. I knew you’d be excited about that. Well worth the wait.

Bachelorette with Bachelor #1

Final Four German Hometowns. The tall dude goes home.

German Bachelorette

Even better news! We will get to see more of Dean. Dean will be on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. In an article from ABC 7, Dean says that after the show has wrapped up, he wants to possibly join the peace corps and find ways to give back before going back to his traditional role as a Startup Recruiter. He’s such a good dude.

Also, Bachelor in Paradise will resume in a two-night event Monday, August 14th and Tuesday, August 15th at 8|7c. Warner Bros found no sign of misconduct after they looked into their own show with their own people. And Corinne has dropped her lawyer and investigation. So sure, makes sense.

Photo Cred:

Two bachelor/ette stars really rooting for it to continue were Carly Waddell and Evan because it was their time to shine. Their wedding was scheduled to be part of the finale of the season, as in previous seasons they’ve included weddings to show true love happens on the show. The wedding took place in Mexico. Carly’s dress was absolutely beautiful! Carly and Evan live in Nashville, TN with his three kids and they are happily in love.Carly waddell and evan bass





Until next time, Bachelor Fans!