The Bachelorette Rachel: Week 4 Quick Recap


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Dean Gets a One-On-One, Rapping Appears to be Making a Comeback #bringbackthescrapbook, and Chris Harrison is Shining as the Spelling Bee Host.

This week the drama with Lee has begun and he roped good ol’ Kenny into it. Not cool. We like Kenny. Peter’s still hanging out being handsome, and for some reason we’re hanging out by a dock doing a spelling bee.

Who got kicked off: Diggy, Brady the Booger-Picking Model, and Bryce the Fireman went home tonight at the rose ceremony.


One-on-One: Dean got the one-on-one date. They flew the GoodYear Blimp and went to a concert where they danced on a completely normal raised mini-square platform in a crowd of people and kissed. It was very sweet. Dean also told her how he lost his mom to cancer when he was fifteen.

Twitter Recap: These tweeters have it going on.



The Bachelorette is coming in two-fold next week to make up for lost time. Next week is double the fun with episodes on Monday and Tuesday night both 8|7c. So buckle in, stock that wine cellar or wine cans (let’s be real). (Also, PSA they make wine In. A. Can. Babe Rose´)

Good news. I figured out who Adam was. He just looks so lost without Adam Jr. around.


So What’s the Deal with The Bachelor in Paradise Allegations?

No Bachelorette last week due to the NBA finals. If your significant other asks why you’re still reaching for that bottle of merlot, you kindly tell him/her you need it to handle paging through all of the articles on Bachelor in Paradise that have come out. Allegations of sexual assault in Bachelor in Paradise came out last Sunday.

What we know: Filming for this season of Bachelor in Paradise has been suspended as Warner Bros looks in to allegations of sexual assault. Warner Bros licenses Bachelor in Paradise to ABC. Bachelor in Paradise was scheduled to premiere Aug 8th and the cast was recently announced.

Who was involved: Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson

Warner Bros made a statement:

We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.

Amy Kaufman, an LA Times reporter, said her source told her a third party, allegedly a producer, filed a complaint after watching Corinne and DeMario hook up in the pool on the first day of shooting Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 in Mexico.

Rumors fly that a producer saw it and either didn’t do anything about it or was told to hold back by production. There have also been reports that Corinne was not able to hold herself up at one point. Eonline reported that the producer who filed the complaint hadn’t actually witnessed it.

Corinne has lawyered up and said she was blackout drunk and unable to provide consent. Corinne released the following statement to E! News: 

I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened the night of June 4. Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place, which I understand is why production on the show has now been suspended and a producer on the show has filed a complaint against the production.

According to TMZ, DeMario says the tapes will show that it was consensual.

The Post also obtained text messages from DeMario’s phone saying that the tapes will exonerate him.

Chris Harrison spoke out and said Warner Bros is conducting an investigation and that there are a lot of rumors out there.

Well-known spoilers king, Reality Steve, reports on Twitter, “For the record, one thing I can report to be 100% true: This season of Bachelor in Paradise isn’t happening. It’s been cancelled.”

Listen to the podcast, Bachelor Party, on the Ringer, by Juliet Litman where Reality Steve guest stars and weighs in.

Articles Sourced and for your reading:


Buzzfeed News:



Allegations of sexual assault are not to be taken lightly. Both parties have hired lawyers.

The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay returns to its normal schedule Monday, June 19th, 8|7c.

The Bachelorette Rachel: Week 3 Full Recap


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Shirtless Men. Mud Wrestling. Someone peed in the Bachelor Pool. And someone else is rolling boogers. And they’re single, ladies. Let’s not all jump at them at once.

Wine glasses up, ladies! The Bachelorette is  back this week! Rachel is smart, sassy and confident and amazing to watch.

Who got kicked off: DeMario was sent home one final time. Blake, Lucas and Jamey were sent home at the rose ceremony. Fred was sent home on a group date after a kiss and Rachel realizing she was never going to get over that camper-camp counselor relationship.

bachelor board week 3

Quotes with Rachel:

“Thank you for the quote about the joy and the pain, but I hope that the pain you got from this experience brings you joy somewhere else.” Oh snap! that’s called using someone else’s words against them.

Cocktail Party

We need to talk about Tickle Monster, Jonathan. Jonathan brought out giant hands that he let Rachel try on. What is with the hands dude?

Alex solved a Rubik’s cube while they had a full conversation with her.

Blake Aspiring Drummer slash I think he does fitness things. So that’s a weird profession to list. No matter. He is going home!

Weirdest Accusation: Lucas: “Blake has a crush on me. I caught him over my bed peeling and licking a banana.”

Best Response: Blake “I don’t eat carbs.” because of his diet.

I can’t imagine why Rachel sent them packing.

Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Jamey, Lucas the Whaboom guy, and Blake E. were sent home. Thank the good heavens above we never have to hear that phrase again. You would never know Jamey left too, because Lucas and Blake E. had a whole fight about who got who sent home. It was awkward.

Group Date #1: Jonathan, Peter, Will, Bryan, Fred, Alex

Ellen Degeneres!

Rachel: “Ellen is my spirit animal.” Isn’t she all of ours, Rachel, isn’t she all.

Ellen like the good confidante and partner in crime that she is, set up security cameras and security for the guys to walk through while she and Rachel watched and evaluated from behind the scenes. As Jonathan strolled through, Rachel explained, “He came out of the limo and tickled me.” Ellen’s immediate response was, “Oh, I don’t like that. Why is he still here?” Yes, Ellen, yes. I stand with Ellen.

She also later aptly pointed out, “Tickle guy does not dance well.”

Ellen also asked Rachel if she had kissed anyone. She admitted she had and when the guys walked out, Bryan was quick to admit it was him. Will chimed in he had too. Peter, the only other one of the bunch who had kissed her kept quiet. Ellen’s response to Bryan was, “Well, we know he kisses and tells. You should not have done that.”

Ellen learned Rachel hadn’t seen the guys take their shirts off yet, so she was quick to remedy that unfortunate situation. Ellen had the guys go topless through the crowd of oggling women with $1 bills waving. Alex soaked it in. Some of the men looked like this was all too familiar territory. Jonathan struggled. It was entertaining to watch though!

Never Have I Ever Peed in the Pool…Alex.

They played one of Rachel’s favorite games: Never Have I Ever. This was a fun game. We found out who of the bunch had kissed Rachel. That Alex peed in the pool and ADMITTED it. (His reasoning was he wanted to show Rachel he was honest. Dude, Rachel is never gonna know if you peed in the pool. Not cool. We don’t swim in your toilet, so don’t pee in our pool.) Also, Peter and Alex said they had never thought about having sex with her, which is either a lie or a lie.

Fred, Jonathan, and Alex were behind on the kissing game. But they were quick to catch up. Fred and Alex locked lips with the Bachelorette at the after party and then Fred was promptly sent home.

Camper Out

Rachel just couldn’t get past the camper-camp counselor relationship and found that even after a shared kiss they weren’t going to get there. She sent Fred home on the group date.

Alex got the rose on the group date. For his honesty. And peeing in the pool.

One-on-One: Anthony got the coolest date ever. 

Is this a thing? Can I do this? Rachel took Anthony down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on horseback to go shopping. Rachel looks like she is having zero fun in this picture, but I can assure you, she is having the time of her life. How could you not? You’re walking down the sidewalk of Beverly Hills on a horse and shopping! This is my everything. Rachel said she could take Anthony home to Texas right now.

They bought cowboy boots, shirts, a jacket, cowboy hats. And Anthony’s horse pooped in the store. We really need to have a regroup on where it’s appropriate to go to the bathroom.

Group Date #2: Brady, Dean, Adam, Kenny, Bryce, Lee, Jack, Eric

Date Card: Sometimes in relationships women have to take charge.

Rachel brought back way too many girls to help her plan this date. Raven, Corinne, Jasmine G., Left Shark Alexis, and I think her name was Whitney all came to ride in the limo with all of Rachel’s men she just started dating to go to a surprise date. Raven asked Bryce and someone else who they thought was LEAST suited for Rachel. It was all a little like whisper in your ear, maybe not super appropriate Raven. But both guys said Eric. Drama! As they rolled up to the destination, the guys got out and saw a Saloon. Immediately, they think line dancing. Wrong. The ladies planned a good ol’ fashioned mud wrestling ring with ladies gathered ’round. The guys were matched up and then the winners of each match played each other until there was one final winner. Bryce the fireman beat Pitbull Kenny the profesdional wrestler at the final round. Kenny handled it gracefully.

Eric got the rose on the group date, but not without complication. All of the guys are questioning Eric if he really wants to be there and Eric’s insecurities about Rachel possibly not liking him.

Eric and Lee started to get into a tiff at the cocktail party.

Eric’s favorite saying: “My name was in your mouth.”

Male Modeling Tips by Male Model Brady

Male model Brady’s “professional” go-to is the Booger Roll. So let’s all think about that for a second. My favorite part was when he explained it, “So I look like this, but in my head I’m rolling a booger.” You chase that dream, Brady.

Does anyone know who Adam is? All we’ve heard about is Whaboom and Blake Feud of Season 13. I’m excited to see more of the men Rachel has left. But seriously, Adam, who are you?

Until next time, Bachelor Fans!

The Bachelorette Rachel: Quick Recap Week 3


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Mud wrestling, pole dancing and shirtless men abound. Episode Theme: Magic Mike. Ellen DeGeneres is back! And Rachel made it clear she was looking for a man, not boys.

Who was kicked off: Blake E., Lucas and Jamey were sent home at the rose ceremony. DeMario was officially sent home and reprimanded. Fred was sent home mid-group date because she just couldn’t get past the camp counselor-camper relationship.

bachelor board week 3

Alex got the rose on the group date.

Anthony got the rose on a one-on-one date.

Eric, despite warnings from Lee, Bryce and Rachel’s friend Raven, got the rose on the group date, which included mud wrestling. Did I mention the group date included mud wrestling. And a stripper pole in a limo bus with a fireman. I think this was a Magic Mike episode.


The Bachelorette Rachel: Week 2 Full Recap


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Chris Harrison’s redemption season continues. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made guest appearances. And Copper at BarkFest became the star of the season.

You go Chris Harrison. Take back your show. Chris Harrison got to introduce the date card. First, I’d like to give a shout out to Will for sneaking in the word “duplicitous.” And using it correctly. Awesome. Then, just mad props to Rachel for bringing out the cutest pup and introducing us to puppy parties.

Who got kicked off: DeMario was sent home unceremoniously this week, only to return to the mansion later to try to talk to Rachel.

the bachelorette rachel week 2

the bachelorette rachel and peter

One-on-One Date: Peter got quite possibly the best date in Bachelor franchise history. He flew on a private jet to BarkFest with Rachel and her pup-with-a-cast, Copper. At dinner, Peter and Rachel bonded over gapped teeth and relationship therapists. And they had fireworks both figuratively and literally speaking.

Group Date: Dean, Jack Jonathan, Blake, Iggy, Kenny, Brett, Lucas
Date Card Read: I’m looking for husband material.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis guest starred. Don’t get too excited. The Husband Material was a semi-lame obstacle course, where apparently the welfare of the baby meant nothing. Even though I’m pretty sure that was the point of the game. Each guy was given a fake baby to get SAFELY across the obstacle course of vacuum cleaners, clogged drains and dirty diapers. I saw babies flying, being spiked and getting dunked in the sink, followed by a shot block from Lucas to make it to the finish. I question Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ judgment on husband material and the rules of engagement.

They did vet the men in the beginning by asking who had health insurance.

During Lucas’ one-on-one time, Whaboom’s poem fell flat. Should have gone for a scrapbook, man. Should have gone for the scrapbook.

Rachel was getting bored to death by the men at the after date party, until Dean came in and Rachel described him as “a breath of fresh air,” that he “makes me comfortable, has such a great smile.”

Dean really stepped it up and got the rose on the group date. 


Best Quotes of the Night:

“If y’all wanna get on the merry-go-round, go on down to Santa Monica.” – Kenny talking about Lucas and Blake going in conversational circles.

“I’m gonna show her I can be the most valuable player in the game and the most valuable player in her life.” – Matt. You can do better than that, Matt.

Fun Facts:
Blake lives with Lucas’ ex-girlfriend. DeMario has a girlfriend back home. And Alex likes to sing. Also, BarkFest should just be a general Tuesday.

Slow Clap for Will with the Word of the Day: Will must have one of those Word of the Day calendars or the like because his use of the word “duplicitous” was just spot on. And I declare him the winner. Because I have that power.

Cocktail Party
Not a soul was listening to a word Rachel said when she walked in in this dress. This might be the only appropriate time to use Whaaaboooom.rachel the bachelorette

Props, Props, and More Props: I sense a theme this season. First Impression Rose man Bryan brought out the chiropractic bed. Someone brought out a doll house to design the perfect dream home with Rachel. And I guess Iggy brought out the thumb war.

Group Date #2: Alex, Adam, Diggy, Lee, Matt, Eric, Josiah, DeMario, Will, Jaimie
Date card read: Swish

The group went on a basketball date. Rachel used to play basketball competitively. They brought out Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to teach the group basketball and character. Some listened better than others. Kareem announced they would be playing a game. The guys kept saying they’re going to play in a packed house like they really needed to perform. Yes. A packed house of Bachelorette fans. Not basketball fans. Some high school kids? I mean I think you’re fine. I doubt there are scouts there. Yes, definitely a high school band.

Score: 30 to 26

Josiah got the rose on the group date. 

The Girlfriend

After the game, a lady came onto the court and asked to talk to Rachel. She told her DeMario was her boyfriend up until he appeared on After the Final Rose at the start of Rachel’s Season. Rachel brought out DeMario and he acted like he didn’t know the girl after he very clearly recognized her. It was amazing. Rachel tried to mitigate the two sides in lawyerly, calm, cool, collected fashion. DeMario kept changing his story and the girl claimed he still had the keys to her apartment. DeMario maintains he mailed them back.

This saddens me. We cannot make Whaboom a thing. We CANNOT. Stand together Bachelor Nation. Be strong.

Best Tweets of the Night: Shout out to these Tweeters for their witty narratives during the show.

“If I never hear whaaabooom again life will be amazing.” – Blake

Next week, the dates begin again and DeMario returns to the mansion to see if he can’t talk his way out of getting sent home. Rachel is keeping it 100, and we find out what happens next week!

Until next time, Bachelor Fans!

The Bachelorette Rachel: Week 2 Quick Recap


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Chris Harrison’s redemption season continues. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made guest appearances. Kareem shook his head at the miserly 30:26 Bachelor basketball score. And Copper at Barkfest became the star of this season.

You go Chris Harrison. Take back your show. Chris Harrison got to introduce the date card. He better be careful, because Rachel’s furry friend, Copper, is coming in hot to steal the lead with a hurt foot and adorable date in tow.

Who got kicked off: DeMario was sent home unceremoniously this week, only to return to the mansion later to try to talk to Rachel. His ex-girlfriend called him out after the group basketball date and took him to court (see what I did there, please don’t abandon me). DeMario pretended like he didn’t know her after he very clearly recognized her. And Rachel had none of it. Keeping it 100, she sent him home on the spot. (Next week, we find out what happens when he tries to come back.)

the bachelorette rachel week 2

One-on-One: Peter got the one-on-one date and a rose.

Group Date: Dean got the rose on the first group date, which involved grilling, football, and a poorly designed obstacle course.

Group Date #2: Josiah got the rose on the second group date, so both him and Dean, along with Peter, are safe going into the rose ceremony.

No rose ceremony this week. Next week, we’ll get to see the drama with DeMario as all of the bachelors run to Rachel’s aid and then the dates continue!

Until next time, Bachelor Fans! Full Recap to follow.

The Bachelorette Season 13 Rachel: Premiere Recap


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Tickle me impressed. Costumes, props and corny jokes abound for first impressions.

Season 13 of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay has begun! Also known as Chris Harrison’s redemption season. Chris Harrison had his time to shine tonight! Take that Nick. Chris Harrison got to introduce the show. Rachel’s dress was banging, the introductions were entertaining and every man was fighting for her attention.

Who got kicked off: Blake K., Kyle, Grant, Jedidiah, Milton, Michael, Mohit and Rob There is only one requirement this season. You must be from Florida.


All the Ladies

Rachel brought back her very closest friends. Every lady from last season. Raven is back! As is Corinne, Jasmine G., Kristina, Left Shark, Whitney, and some girl I have no recollection of.

Raven’s advice from last season, “You just have to let yourself fall.” And she let Rachel know that Rachel’s great quality was that she pulled out the best in all of the ladies that were there.

The Intros

Kenny the wrestler has a 10-year-old daughter. “I’ve been around a lot of rings in my life, but maybe the next ring that I touch is Rachel’s.”

Jack Stone is a lawyer from Dallas, TX who lost his mom to cancer and he has a dog.

Alex is a coder disguised as a gym meat head and his parents are pretty adorable.

Diggy owns more shoes than all of the women of Los Angeles. 500+ and counting.

Blake E. is a personal trainer and a sports nutritionist with a self-proclaimed higher than average libido, which he attributes to his heightened levels of testosterone. So there’s that. He talked about how he was great at sex, but there’s more to a relationship than that, citing they still have to like them, “You still have the other 23 1/2 hours of the day.” I’m not even gonna touch that. TWSS.

Lucas brought a megaphone, a t-shirt and a catchphrase. He announced himself before emerging from the limo, saying, “With one testicle larger than the other.” Rachel responded with, “Good to know, good to know.” Rachel plays along with everything. He did later narrate one of her one-on-one’s that was pretty funny. He is quickly rising to the most annoying guy on national television for his catchphrase Whaaboom. Someone grab that megaphone immediately. The guys were gathered in the house getting to know each other and trying to figure out who the obnoxious one was going to be. Then Lucas entered. “That’s the crazy one,” one of the guys announced and chuckled. “Did you guys drug test?” – Josiah

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Play on Words Offenders

Matt the Penguin (who wore a penguin costume for no other reason other than because he heard at one point Rachel liked penguins): I’m gonna waddle right into her heart.

Grant rode in the back of an ambulance, and jumped out of the back shouting, “I heard there was a woman who has been bored to death.” Rachel played along, shouting “Save me! Save me!” She likes those fun, engaging interactions.

Mohit held her hands with his hands slightly higher, saying, “I just want you to know this is the only time I will have the upper hand in the relationship.”

Bryce announced, “I want to show you my buns,” and then pulled out a basket of buns and cheese.

Brady the male model brought a sledge hammer. Yes, a sledge hammer. And some giant ice cube wrapped with giant rope that looked like he just walked out of a Frozen movie. He set the ice down, hit it with the hammer, and said, “I just had to break the ice.”

The Four Guys She Already Met

Dean, Blake E., Eric, DeMario

Dean, as we’ll remember, is the one that announced to a live studio audience, “I wanna go black and never go back.” This time he brought a mini sand pit to build a sand castle with Rachel, citing that the beach was why he moved to California. He also asked how Rachel had felt about his first comment, and Rachel, seemingly unbothered by it, told him she loved the confidence.

Eric liked to dance.

Blake E. brought in a school band and played a drum on his second-first-impression. He did not mention his libido.

DeMario was the one that had tickets for the two of them to elope to Vegas. He was another one Rachel met on After the Final Rose when they surprised her by starting the season with bringing out four men. Whitney said that a friend of a friend that went to college with him said his intentions for being on the show were not pure. Does everyone know everyone around here?

Fun Fact

Blast from the Past Frederick Johnson, an Exec Assistant in Dallas, TX was Rachel’s camper when he was in 3rd grade and she was in 8th grade. Apparently, Fred was a very bad camper.

Weird First Impression

Jonathan surprise tickled her.

Best Props Crew

Alex our Information Systems beautiful man brought out a vacuum claiming to be part of the clean-up crew.

Milton brought a Polaroid camera for a selfie.

Adam the real estate agent brought Adam Jr., which was a super creepy, non-useful, not-really-life size, but life-like face doll that he brought.

Everyone’s Description of Adam Jr.: “That’s like low key creepy.”

First Impression Rose and First Kiss

Bryan and Rachel bantered about how Bryan was trouble, but the good kind of trouble. He spoke to her in Spanish. And they made out. Like a hot make-out.

“She is a triple threat: brains beauty and personality.” – Bryan

Rachel’s Definition of Love: “Love is a sacrifice, a compromise, an unexplained energy.” She definitely found that energy in Bryan.

Rose Ceremony

We had our first and hopefully not our last rose ceremony this season!
Milton expressed every woman who has ever left the mansion on night one’s thoughts, “I bought a bunch of outfits I didn’t get to show off.”

This season the previews show the men traveling to Sweden and the Swiss Alps and Copenhagen. Rachel teases the season with, “I’m putting logic aside and letting my emotions decide. I’m letting love lead the way.”

Let’s get to all the tears, heartache and love!


**Author’s Note: This post written with a case of jet lag. Also reason for it being so late and having watched the episode three times to get their cities.

I went to #CitySTRONG and This is What Happened


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In case you need a refresher or haven’t heard of CitySTRONG (#yourCitySTRONG), Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe and Erin Oprea (personal trainer to Carrie Underwood and responsible for her legs) are rolling into cities all over the US to bring group workouts to the people. A portion of the proceeds go to CreatiVets, a nonprofit aimed at providing a creative outlet to vets as they come back from war and acclimate to society with challenges such as PTSD.

CitySTRONG Facebook Page for location information.

I found out they were coming to Boston the night before so naturally I didn’t even think twice. I immediately bought my ticket. $40? Whatever Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe are in Boston. And it’s two of my favorite things! Working out and The Bachelor. I am in!

As I was walking to the event around 10:30am (They were like doors open at 10am an hour before and I was like an hour? Nah man, I’ll see you there.), I ran into another girl with her yoga mat strapped to her shoulder. We were looking for the building, and started chatting about how her cousin was already there and that there were a bunch of people there. Which was a relief, because honestly I didn’t know how many people would come and I was half thinking I would be the only one and would have to decide between a refund of my $40 well spent or a personal training session. My new friend told me she had tried to get the VIP tickets for $75, but they were sold out before she could get them, and I was like what now? They have $75 tickets? What do they give you? A liver? My new friend immediately ditched me as we checked in.

They gave you a mini towel when you walked in and a wristband to identify VIPs from regular admission. I don’t know what the VIP tickets include because I was late to the ticket purchasing party, but I can only assume it gets you additional time with the Bachelorette stars, unlimited photo ops, and possibly brunch, maybe wine. (I’m hoping a VIP attendee and/or the CitySTRONG stars can chime in here.)

I’ll admit I walked in super skeptical. And a bit of a ‘tude. They tried to pump us up with push-up competitions beforehand and I was like OK let’s see what this is all about. Can this really be that hard of a workout? Then Kaitlyn and Shawn came out and my facade came down and I completely fangirled.

THEN. They introduced Erin Oprea. The woman responsible for Carrie Underwood’s legs. I repeat the. Woman. Responsible. For. Carrie Underwood’s Legs! Was helping to lead the charge. Her legs looked exactly like Carrie Underwood’s. and she is a former marine. So you now have all of my trust and loyalty.

Kaitlyn drank rosé the whole time, and served as the comic relief in between breaks.

The workout was Tabata style. Tabata training is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It has eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off interval. A lot of glutes and lunges and squats.

They really wanted you to get some merch. Pro Tip #1: So if you go, get your CitySTRONG tank, t-shirt, swag BEFOREHAND and wear it during the workout. People with cameras will take your picture, you’ll likely get on stage and Kaitlyn and Shawn will seek you out during the workout.

They also paid attention to the VIPs. From what I could tell, they were the ones in the front. But Shawn and Kaitlyn did come into the crowd to do parts of the workout. So no one in the back was forgotten. And all of the three boys that were there could not hide.

AND Shawn Booth came through the crowd straight through by my mat. I nearly died. I refrained from tackling him. Because I mean Kaitlyn was watching, obviously.

My favorite part though. The five guys that were forced to come by their girlfriends’ demands were forced on brought to the stage and they did up down push ups for a competition. Just for pride, and to give the people on the mats a break.

All in all, Kaitlyn was charming, Erin Oprea and Shawn Booth are badass, and the hour and a half flew by. 

The workout was SO FUN, and I can tell if either one of them was my personal trainer, I would be singing Before He Cheats on stage looking like I eat nothing but kale for breakfast and eggs for dinner.

My key takeaway was that if I do this workout, I will look like Carrie Underwood. Kaitlyn and Shawn are still a couple of my all-time favorites. I regret not getting the merch.

Go to CitySTRONG, get the Merch.

Erin Oprea Fitness

Shawn Booth Meals


The Bachelor Finale and The Bachelorette: Congrats Nick Viall and Vanessa


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“Instead you’ve noticed every part of me.” – Vanessa

Congrats to Vanessa and Nick who got engaged in Finland! Fourth time’s a charm. Or a challenge. We will see!

The Bachelor Finale and the start of The Bachelorette? Well, that’s unprecedented. After the final rose on After The Final Rose, Nick and Vanessa came out to show how rocky their relationship was, but covered it up saying it was “challenging” and that they’re still very much in love, Raven came out to be so poised towards Nick about the breakup and find out she’s on Bachelor in Paradise, and Rachel came out and ABC started her season of The Bachelorette. Bring out the men.

Who got kicked off: Raven went home as Nick said good-bye to our saucy southerner and hallo to our Canadian girl.

Raven and Vanessa met the family. For Raven this was the second time, because back in the beginning episodes she had gone to Bella’s (Nick’s younger sister) soccer game and met the fam. The dates were very different. Vanessa spent all of her date crying…with Nick’s family…after meeting Nick’s family. Just because. Nick’s dad cried. Nick’s mom cried. Nick cried. It was a lot of tears.

Vanessa might have been crying because her date consisted of a sled ride that ended in meeting Santa. Yes, Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, Raven got to fool around on ice skates and play with puppies! Yes, puppies!!

Despite all of the fun that he had with Raven, Nick chose the more challenging, but loving relationship he had with Vanessa.

After the Final Rose 

The happy couple came out. Vanessa talked a lot about their relationship and said it was hard, but that they were working through it and still in love. Look at the size of that rock! Neil Lane said it was the largest one he had done. I think that’s the one Nick chose.

Fun Fact

Warning this might break your heart about Vanessa. While she is a special education teacher for adults. She’s also an aspiring, or previously aspiring, actress. She has her own whole IMDB page. I feel used.

Raven got a pretty great conciliatory prize. She’s going to Bachelor in Paradise.

The Start of The Bachelorette

Rachel came out looking hotter than ever in a killer jumpsuit. With. A. Cape. Yas queen.

Chris Harrison’s advice to Rachel: “Always listen to the host.” Read: Don’t write me out of the show. Like Nick did. Every episode.

Rachel came out in an all black effin pant suit and cape. She was killing it. She looked gorgeous. A-game. Aaaaand they immediately dragged out a faux Bachelor Mansion backdrop and a bunch of the men. They started her season of The Bachelorette right then and there.

Four men came out for Vanessa’s season and gave their introductions. One of them danced with her. One of them said, “I’m ready to go black and never look back.” Can you say that? I’m pretty sure you can’t say that. Did he just say that? Can you say that?

The dancing man

And another did a magic trick, gave her two tickets to Vegas and pulled out a ring and said, “You like that? It’s all yours.” Umm, yes. This season is going to be good.

They couldn’t shuffle out Nick and Vanessa fast enough. ABC was like don’t look at this challenging relationship for Nick’s fourth attempt, but instead look at this here Bachelorette and all the hope she brings to the franchise! I’m all for it. Let’s pop the bubbly, uncork the wine and bring out Rachel and her men! The remainder of her premiere starts May 22, 9|8c. See you then, Bachelor Fans.



The Bachelor Nick V.: The Women Tell All Recap


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Corinne brought out the champagne mid-show and Chris Harrison basked in his two whole hours of screen time.

Chris Harrison got 2 whole hours of face time and he was. loving. it. He even got a rose ceremony. Take that, Nick. 

Sarah: “It was so hard to walk night one because it was rainy, so it was wet.”

Chris Harrison: “Those were actually tears of previous Bachelorettes.”

Chris Harrison coming in hot. His redemption episode.

Who got kicked off: Rachel the next Bachelorette was finally kicked off of this season as ABC already released the spoiler that she was the next Bachelorette.
Bachelor Bus is Back!

The Bachelor Bus is this glorious bus that takes Chris Harrison and the current Bachelor, this season being Nick, to all of the Bachelor viewing parties with giant numbers of ladies. They breezed through the UCLA campus to sorority row.

Dolphin Shark

Dolphin Shark returned in style. An audience member wore a left shark costume just as Alexis did that glorious night one. Only this audience member didn’t get drunk. Alexis was asked what the difference was between a dolphin and a shark. She identified that a shark has gills. I guess life has taught her things post-bachelor.

On the hot seat

Liz went on a soapbox about loving yourself.  

Kristina about living a life in color.

Rachel on being the next Bachelorette. “I don’t want to get caught up in everything. [gets distracted by the audience member in the left shark costume.] I’m sorry I just saw the person in the shark costume.”

Tonight is the 3 hour finale!!!! Yes. 3 hours. Buckle up, Bachelor Nation. 

Who do you think Nick will pick?Vanessa or Raven?